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Looking ahead to Brightest Day: The Hawks

Posted in Brightest Day,Rants by mrread7 on March 20, 2010

  It was one of the most shocking moments of 2009. When the Black Lantern versions of Sue and Ralph Dibney murdered Hawkman and Hawkgirl and they in turn were also transformed into Black Lanterns. Leading to the amazing Hawkman and the Atom tie in one-shot about the relationship between Ray and Carter. Hawkman and Hawkgirl have been very directionalist the last few years. After Jimmy Palimonti and Justin Grey left the title. The book flunder while Walt Simonson tried to make the book completely about Hawkgirl something new. That didn’t work either. Then Geoff Johns put Hawkman back in Justice Society and Brad Meltzer put Hawkgirl over in Justice League and tried to have the two characters move on from each other. That worked for a brief time, then you add in the mess with Trinity and Final Crisis and… well what else can I say.
  I’m hoping with the revelations about Carter and Kendra being the original source for the Star Sapphire and the fact that Ray is going to bring them back to the land of the living at the conclusion of Blackest Night. That the Hawks will get put back on the right track again. Personally, they were doing fine until all of a sudden. Most editors and writers felt that even with the streamline history that was done 10 years ago. The characters still weren’t “even” enough. I thought they were fine, it’s like when writers don’t know what to do with Red Tornado or hate the character, so they blow him up again. Because we all know that works out so well the last 50 times. I’m hoping that we can get Hawkman and Hawkgirl in a more team role back on the Justice Society since Justice League still needs a little bit more help before it’s a great title again.
  I would love to see a Hawk title relaunched with a team that will respect the Hawks and stop trying to back track or obliterate everything they just don’t like, like other writers have done in the pass. Personally, I would be fine with a new Atom and the Hawkman title with Hawkgirl as part of the cast and go from there. The book has worked very well in the past and if they are willing to respect the characters history without trying to retcon or forget about the “good” things about the characters. Then the title should florish.


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