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Captain Boomerang: Live!

Posted in Brightest Day,flash,Profiles,Rants,Uncategorized by Podcast on May 8, 2010

Greetings everyone, it’s been a long time but I’m back and plan on doing a regular postings of my favorite Green Lantern talk. Now you are probably wondering how that is going to happen since I’ve dropped comics due to financial reasons. Well, that’s the handy thing about working at Borders now and again on the side. You get access to free comics every week. However, for what I’m going to be doing here, doesn’t require me to be reading any book monthly. Well… my brother gets Flash and Brightest Day, so I guess I have a leg up here. I decided to start taking a look at the various characters that have been brought back to life at the end of Blackest Night. I’m starting today with Captain Boomerang, who has been a favorite of mine since his days on the Suicide Squad. Digger Harkness was the illegitimate son of an American soldier and an Australian woman. He lived in a life of poverty until he discovered his skill in making boomerangs and using them as weapons. He would later be hired as a performer and boomerang promoter by a toy company which was, unbeknownst to him, owned by his biological father W.W. Wiggins. He was ridiculed by the audience, and his resentment caused Harkness to begin using his boomerangs for crime.

He became a recurring villain for the Flash ( Barry Allen). Digger was sent to prison for his crimes, but he plantedspecial boomerangs in every jail within one hundred miles of Central City. They would remain invisible until he concentrated his brain waves to materialize them. He would later use one to escape prison. Barry Allen was at the seen working as a police scientist and was attacked by Captain boomerang. Barry quickly changed into the Flash. Flash hit Boomerang with a gust of wind by spinning his arms, but Harkness contorted his body into a boomerang and flew back at the flash knocking him out. Captain Boomerang sent Flash to an alternate dimension filled with monsters, using a machine that turned him into a boomerang. However Flash knew that if he stayed in the form of a boomerang he wouldcome back to the sender and was able to defeat Captain Boomerang.

Digger drifted from great Flash rogue to completely losers in the early 2000s. Going from in shape athlete to a balding over weight D-list characters. In 2005, writer Brad Meltzer decided to kill off the villain during Identity Crisis and replace him with his younger, super powered son who was the half-brother of Kid Flash (Yeah you read that right). Harkness found himself an obsolete villain regularly going up to the supervillain satellite looking for jobs. Harkness finally decided to reach out to his abandoned son, Owen Mercer. The two began to bond until Harkness was hired to kill Jake Drake father of Tim Drake. Digger had been sent by the real killer to attack Jack Drake, only the killer double crossed Digger and sent Drake a warning and a pistol to defend himself. Digger managed to kill Drake but not before he was shot himself. The loss of Harkness caused Mercer to take up his father’s mantle as Captain Boomerang.

However, despite the great work that was put in Owen Mercer, writers seemed to want him to more than a second generation rogue. At first he joined the Rogues, but soon changed his ways. He was able to move past his feeling and help Robin with one of his cases.. He joined the Outsiders and became friends with Supergirl. Eventually he left to be in the Suicide Squad, due to Batman’s restructuring of the team. He worked with the rest of the Suicide Squad to catch villains to send to planet Salvation.
During Blackest Night, Owen thought he could resurrect his father. Putting Black Lantern Digger in a pit, Owen threw people in for Digger to feed on. Digger had convinced Owen that if he took the hearts from enough people he would come back to life. After dealing with the undead Rogues at Iron Heights, the live Rogues found Owen. Seeing that he had been killing women and children, Captain Cold pushed him into the pit with his father. Digger took Owen’s heart, and he became a Black Lantern. Captain Cold then froze both Captain Boomerang’s and left them.

Of course in the last issue of Blackest Night, the White Light entity brought Digger back to life but back in his early 30s, restored to his youth and height of his abilities for unknown reasons. While, some people were happy and others said that Owen just wasn’t given a chance. The truth is, Owen was ruined once they decided to make him part of Judd Winick’s Outsiders. The character had this sudden “change of heart” and then after a few months was tired of it and decided to be part of the Suicide Squad. It didn’t make any sense. Especially after the Rogues killed the adult Bart Allen and he turned on them, then a couple of years later is happy to rejoin them to mourn his father just before Blackest Night started? I mean huh? Digger Harkness was not as obsolete as he was made to be. It was just lazy writing and while I love Brad Meltzer’s work, I really think other writers just don’t seem to let him do what he wants to do. Despite what people want to say about Geoff Johns returning Digger and his handling of Owen. The truth was, Geoff wanted Owen to be the next generation Captain Boomerang the way the second Mirror Master was created to replace the original. Of course while writers got behind Evan, it seems that other writers were like: “He’s Bart Allen’s half-brother, he has to be a hero or anti-hero in some way.” Nope, he was a made into a villain and that’s how Owen should have been but it all got drop. So, welcome back Digger, now don’t screw up.


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