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Let’s keep Hawkman and Hawkgirl right now

Posted in blackest night,Brightest Day,Rants,Uncategorized by Podcast on May 18, 2010

It’s taken over ten years but Carter and Sheira Hall are finally back together again after the events of Blackest Night. Both Hawks back among the living and back in love with each other. I think back to the original Return of Hawkman over in JSA almost ten years ago. I liked the concept of reincarnated lovers where for the first time, one was rejecting the other. However, what really became a pain for a long time were Hawkman’s anger issues. It was fine at first and the fact that he was a warrior first before a super hero. It worked well but after a while it got very tiring. Also, how much more did Kendra Saunders has to force fed that she was before she finally accepted that she was Sheira Hall?
As much as people want to hit Geoff Johns on the head about continuity these days, they at least never changed things with how he wanted Hawkman to be. However, it seemed that editorial and other writers sans Justin Grey and Jimmy Palimati just didn’t like the merged history and constant resurrection with Hawkman and Hawkgirl. At least both Brad Meltzer and Geoff Johns decided to move the characters into the pages of the relaunched Justice League and Justice Society of America books for a little while. To give the characters room to deal with issues and grow as characters again. However, that didn’t last long. We were then back to Carter’s: “Bah, I’m angry” and Hawkgirl’s: “I’m not Sheira Hall” attitudes again.
Now, thanks to Brightest Day, we get the classic Hawks back and even better they are finally going to deal with Hawkworld and all the other crap that other writers have been trying to throw out the last few years.
So, welcome back Carter and Sheira, let’s hope they keep the road clear of “made up” history again when Brightest Day is over.


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