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Welcome back Anti-monitor

Posted in Brightest Day,Rants,Sinestro Corps,Uncategorized by Podcast on May 22, 2010

That Anti-monitor, he’s been considered one of the biggest DC villains in the last twenty odd years. He caused the original Crisis, was reborn after Infinite Crisis. Was killed and turned into the power source for the Black Lanterns and then resurrected again by the White Light and then sent back to the Anti-matter universe of Qward. Now he’s back again and after the source that brought him back to life for the second time. You really have to wonder what they are going to do with the Anti-monitor. The Sinestro Corps main guardian is back and so is the Cyborg-Superman. So, is the Anti-monitor out to destroy the Multiverse again and in doing so make sure Nekron never comes back? Is he just power hungry for something new in the form of the White Light or is he just pissed?
I’m happy that he’s back because he isn’t your typical super villain. Darkseid might be one of the New Gods but he’s all about big speeches, controlling of life of all existence. Lex Luthor just wants everyone to know he’s the best and not Superman and the Joker are just mad. No, with the Anti-monitor it’s about more, he’s about existence and being the only being that should exist anywhere. He isn’t a puppet but he’s not above doing a super villain rant. The only problem is, he can be a one trick pony if not written right, just like Lex Luthor, the Joker and Darkseid have been now and again. You just have to keep him interesting and motivated.


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