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Give me that old time religion

Posted in blackest night,Brightest Day,Rants by Podcast on June 9, 2010

You know I was getting to these guys; sure it took me a while since I’ve doing that thing called moving and dropping of comics. Hence, it took me until now to finally talk about the other 4 emotional beings from the Emotional Spectrum in the Green Lantern Mythos. As we learned in Green Lantern #50 that the White Entity was the first being that spawned life in the regular DC Universe. In doing so, the first creature that willed itself to move became Ion. While thousands of years later, the first insect to feel fear became Parallax. Then even more time passed and the first beings to feel love, which of course were Adam and Eve gave birth to the Predator. A creature that like love when left unchecked could become powerful and dangerous, which leads me to talking about our first of the other entities, Ophidian.


Yes, the serpent from the Garden of Eden that decided to take that apple that was on the sacred tree, which it didn’t need and became the embodiment of Avarice. This even explains while Larfleeze and other beings have always had this undying hunger they cannot control. This “mine” feeling that they constantly ache for because the serpent just needed to take that apple. I have to admit when I first saw this, it kind of surprised me, and I mean forget that life originated on Earth according to the DC Guide to a Universe by Geoff Johns. The whole Adam and Eve thing I could understand, I mean for those who have ever read or heard of the story or are a good church going person. They really did show both the good and bad about love. However, then we go into the fact that the whole domino effect happed after that. The serpent comes and then we have the emotional entity in Ophidian and then we move on to more of a mess that started.


The Butcher, which was born out of Cain murdering his brother Abel, who was the children of Adam and Even and the bull that is the Butcher, is over the calf they fought over in certain texts. Now, we are going into a bit too much Sunday School for my tastes, not that I’m having a huge problem with it and going to pick up the torches and pitchforks against DC Comics over it. I just think we got a little too Book of Genesis by this point. Even though they were already going catholic with Black Hand and how he became the first Black Lantern and the Death Entity for the DC Universe. However, when you look at it, what really are the Book of Oa, the Book of Parallax and the Book of Black? Bibles. At this point, I see where they were going with how the rest of the Emotional Spectrum went.


With Adara, she was born out of prayer and if you look at your bible, you will realize that while Adam and Even and Cain and Abel talked to God, they never really prayed until after they were all gone. So, then of course, man is walking around Earth while other beings are living through out the universe, so of course the Blue Bird of Happiness would be born out of the first prayer. While others will argue with me, when you do pray, there is hope in your voice. While it might not be asking for hope when a person prays for any reason. There is that sense of a better outcome then you might feel at that moment or that you want that sense of hope. Hence we get Adara out of it and that it’s a bird since in another religious sense, birds have always been an avatar for peace, prayer and hope. After all, the Holy Spirit is usually associated with a bird; hence this embodiment makes sense just like the others.


Now getting into the last piece of the puzzle with Proselyte, the emotional being of Compassion, which is a squid/octopus/cuddle fish creature. Now, I get how when you are compassionate you put yourself in some one else’s shoes and you wrap yourself in their lives. Hence, having a giant indigo colored squid makes sense in the long run. I mean it’s still kind of silly but we have the new spokesman for Red Bull in the form of the Butcher and psychology takes a whole new meaning with Adara, so at this point, a creature like Proselyte isn’t really that far fetched.

A whale that willed itself to move, an insect that felt fear, a creature that felt but had no true form. A bull born out of murder, a snake taking what it didn’t need, a bird that was spoke to and apparently a fisherman throwing a squid back because he felt sorry for him. Its comics, there is logic and then there isn’t logic too it. I can move on from it and when I eventually get Brightest Day in trade next year and the other Green Lantern books are collected in 2011. I’m sure I’ll still smile so, I’m good with it, after all: “Can’t we all just get along?”

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