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Getting Lost with the Main Characters

Posted in flash,green lantern,green lantern corps,Rants by Podcast on June 22, 2010

Running Barry's Shadow

Seems that when you bring a long lost character back from death or limbo, the main star of a book tends to get left in the background or almost forgotten. I know that has been going on a lot in the last two years with John Stewart and Wally West. Well, I know things with Wally might be a bit early but considered how much Barry has been written as being the only Flash that is now back in after Final Crisis and Flash: Rebirth. I see how many people can think that a character is left alone in the dark waiting to be brought back in the light. Let’s face it, not long before Infinite Crisis started; John Stewart was very present with Hal Jordan after Green Lantern: Rebirth. Then we didn’t see really anything of him until Wanted; Hal Jordan and after he was a focus during the Sinestro Corps War and Alpha-Lantern intro story. After Final Crisis, John did a disappearing act until recently.
Now, we see the same happening to Wally, while Jay, Jesse, Bart and even Max Mercury are getting more lime light as of late. Sure, we are seeing Wally show up in Titans and get mentioned right now in Flash. However, we don’t know the future of the speedster of Keystone City. Since so much focus is being shifted back to Barry and Central City. Let’s face it, when Geoff Johns hit the scene what? 7 years ago in Flash, he not only brought Wally back to greatness after Mark Waid left but revitalized the Rogues, made Keystone City and it’s people stand up on it’s own feet and even mentioned how Central City had scene better days since Wally took over as the Flash over 20 years ago.
In a sense, Wally has been given a bit of a rest after so much focus over the last decade, a bit of a break would be fine; however the break time went a little too far. Pretty much leaving him in limbo for over a year so they could focus more on Bart being the Flash, which pretty much backfired, not to mention the build up of Barry’s return over the last few years, Wally seemed to get the shaft. Now, while the new Flash series is only 3 issues in and we already know all the Flashes will get a bit part in the upcoming Flashpoint cross over next year. The fans want Wally, I want Wally, and we need Wally. I’m hoping since all DC books are going to the $3.99 price tag here in the next few months, we get some nice back ups with the adventures of Wally and family followed by some nice Bart and Max Mercury co-features and then add them to main stories when possible. This way, they get their lime light without pulling too much focus from Barry as the Flash gets going the rest of the year.


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