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Will we see a Kid Lantern Again

Posted in flash,green lantern,green lantern corps by Podcast on June 24, 2010

It's Kid Lantern

During Mark Waid’s Brave and the Bold mini series about ten years ago. In an untold tale with Wally West during his Kid Flash days, Hal deputized Wally as “Kid Lantern” for 24 hours until his speed powers returned. I was reading some emails the other day and people asked me what I thought about the original concept by Waid and why it hasn’t been used lately (unless you count Bart Allen being a White Lantern during Blackest Night). When I originally read the story, I always wondered why in the last 40 plus years of Teen Titans history there wasn’t really anyone who was a Green Lantern in training on Earth. Out of all various ages and races and sexes of Green Lanterns in all 3600 Sectors of space, there hasn’t really ever been a teenage GL. Wally getting the 24 hour deputizing was just for the story and showed the early building blocks of Wally becoming the next generation of the Flash years later.
Currently, with what Teen Titans has been going through the last few years, the closes Titan who was a Green Lantern was Kyle Rayner but that didn’t last long due to the fact he was part of the Justice League at the time and the Flash was in both books at the time. Having a teenage Green Lantern isn’t that bad of a concept, since we have adolescence Green Lantern running around in the Batman Beyond Universe. The difference between that GL and putting one on the Titans is pretty much experience. The Green Lantern of Batman Beyond is a bit more like the Dahlia Lama; while young he is wise beyond his years. Putting one in training or fresh off of Kilowog’s training and it’s like sending a rookie cop out on a big drug bust on his first day. He might have the training but doesn’t have the experience or the bravo to do it yet. However, it also puts a teen Green Lantern to the most important test but over coming great fear.


No matter what race you are, being a teen isn’t easy and when you are a super powered teen given the most powerful weapon in the universe. That’s going to cause a lot of angst in anyone. In my humble opinion if JT Krul or any future Teen Titans writer can figure out some great way to get another Sector 2814 Green Lantern around the age of 14-18 on the Teen Titans organically and make it work. Then by all means, bring it on.

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