The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Brave Friends, Bold Heroes: Hal Jordan and Barry Allen

Posted in flash,green lantern by Podcast on July 9, 2010

Here they are at last, the Brave and the Bold that mostly everyone knows Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. As I talked about Alan Scott and Jay Garrick being the brave friends and bold heroes, Hal and Barry really put friendship in front long before super heroics. If you look at works by Mark Waid or Geoff Johns, Hal and Barry’s relationship has always been the main focal point than being Green Lantern and Flash and their contrast of Hal being a space cop and Barry being a real cop out of costume. Hal’s no fear attitude and Barry’s sense of hope and betterment of others is what has made them such great super heroes together both on the Justice League and most recently in Blackest Night. While, we’re seeing a bit less of the two together now post Blackest Night, since Barry is getting reestablished in his own series and will be the focal point for next year’s Flashpoint cross over story line.
I’m pretty sure we’ll see Hal side by side with Barry as Flashpoint unfolds in the same way that Barry was side by side with Hal during Blackest Night. When Barry was lost during the original Crisis, Hal started drifting, and passed that friendship off to Green Arrow before he was lost as well. Hal needs Barry to be his focal point in life. While Barry needs Hal to be that civilian center. That he can’t always speed through life, he needs to take time and enjoy the world around him and not just do it all for Iris and we’ll see how this thrives going into the rest of the year and into Flashpoint.

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