The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Return of the Zombies

Posted in blackest night,green lantern,White Lantern Corps by Podcast on July 14, 2010

Those damn dirty zombies are back, on the one year anniversary of the beginning of Blackest Night, the Black Lanterns return. Of course I find it ironic that it’s the members of the Justice League that are shown in zombie form here and not the rest of the resurrected heroes and villains. Of course it’s still too early to tell and after what has happened in the first few issues of Brightest Day, we knew that we would be seeing the Black Lanterns again before too long. After, what is the true creator behind the Black Lanterns? Not Nekron but the very being of space itself since it was the vast darkness of the universe that is the true enemy of life because it hates life after all? It’s the body and we’re the infection and while we fight for evil or justice in the vast multi-verse, the universe hates that in every form, no matter what.
To me this is just another chapter in the White Lantern saga, since the “old guardian” as I like to call him has been seizing the various emotional entities from Parallax to Ion. I see this as the main catalyst to why he is gathering all these beings and also the true reason why the Manhunters annihilated Sector 666 in order to get the Blackest Night over with and make sure there was always a constant struggle between Light and Darkness. Who knows, I may have finally tapped into the minds of Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi and JT Krul (scary I know). Let’s wait and see what becomes of Brightest Day the next two months and I’ll revisit this thought. In the mean time, bring back those decaying zombies; they’re the new “it” since vampires.


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