The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

The Green Lantern Corps Cast Episode #108 – Season’s Greedings

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode 108 proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern! The gang is back with a lot of lantern good! They catch up on the award winning Green Lantern animated series, discuss the upcoming DCUO Larfleeze addtion, Justice League: Doom details. Who’s collecting the Sinestro Corps War in Absolute Edition? Is SCW even remembered fondly? A mystery arises in Red Lanterns #4 while in Green Lantern #4 we find out if Hal Jordan is alive. Is the pacing of Milligan’s Red Lanterns similar to Tomasi’s now defunct Emerald Warriors? Do the first four issues of Green Lantern compare to Geoff Johns’ first four? A lot of questions are answered and more arise like a Black Lantern that’s late to the party. Also, they delve into the inner workings of Sinestro’s ring and willpower. Tune in for all that and so much more on this episode of CorpsCast!

Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and The Roy Clark Method (


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