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The Green Lantern Corps Cast Episode #11 w/ Doug Mahnke

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode 11! proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern. In this episode, the guys talk to superstar Green Lantern artist, DOUG MAHNKE! Doug Mahnke describes what makes a perfect comic book, sharing a studio with Patrick Gleason, Final Crisis headaches and more. Things also get a bit weird when one of the cast members asks a question that NO ONE will see coming! From Geoff Johns to Frankenstein, everything is here in PART ONE of this special interview. All that and more in this episode of Corps Cast! Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and The Roy Clark Method (


Rokk’s Comic Revolution review of Final Crisis #6

Posted in Final Crisis by mrread7 on January 17, 2009

Because the man can review the book better than I have. I’ve decided to once again do a direct link to his blog. The Revolution loved Final Crisis #5. Morrison did a phenomenal job transforming Darskeid into a villain who truly feels like a god. The ending of Final Crisis #5 was quite powerful as Darkseid appears to be the most powerful villain that we have ever seen in the DCU. I am excited to see what Morrison has in store for Darkseid with Final Crisis #6. With only two issues left on this big event, I expect to get plenty of exciting developments in Final Crisis #6. I also expect Morrison to push along the plotlines faster than he has been and to start delivering the big pay-off moments like he started to do with the end of Final Crisis #5. Let’s hit this review for Final Crisis #6.

Final Crisis shipping updates

Posted in Final Crisis,News by mrread7 on December 21, 2008

Just got an update on the releases of all Final Crisis books:

Final Crisis Secret Files for January 2nd -unchanged
Green Lantern #36 for January 2nd
Final Crisis #6 for January 14 – unchanged
FC: Superman Beyond #2 – moved form January 14 to January 21
Revelation #5 and Legion of three worlds #3 – moved from January 21 to January 28
Final Crisis #7 for January 28 – unchanged

Legion of 3 Worlds #4 will ship in February and issue #5 is in March leading to Adventure Comics #1 in April and will tie into The Blackest Night and Flash: Rebirth. Hence why the major delays on the book.

Final Crisis #5 Review Is Up

Posted in Final Crisis by mrread7 on December 13, 2008

Due to a few time constraints this week and my new computer being delayed due to the Fedex Driver. I’m directing a wonderful review of Final Crisis #5 over to Rokk’s Comic Book Revolution Blog. It’s a great place. The Revolution continues to enjoy Final Crisis. Morrison continues to deliver incredibly detailed and complex reads that captivate my attention. In the wake of Secret Invasion’s massively anti-climactic ending, I hope that Morrison is able to avoid a similar fate. It is important that Morrison deliver with this re-birth of Darkseid and follow through with a dramatic finale that is fitting to a tale this large in scope. Let’s hit this review for Final Crisis #5.

Final Crisis #4 Review

Posted in Final Crisis by mrread7 on October 23, 2008

Darkseid Says

The story begins during the missing month between Final Crisis #3 and #4, it was 5:30 pm when the Anti-life Equation was unleashed on Earth. It came on every communication device known. Email, cellphones, TV, computers, GPS, everything. More than a billion people were contaminated by the first strike. Those who resisted were attacked and later enslaved over Darkseid’s rule. Now, the Ray,using the JLA Satellite as a mirror returns to the Hall of Justice to Oliver Queen. Oliver is attacking the Tattooed Man who was used as a trojan horse for the bad guys. The Tattooed Man tells them that Black Lightning helped him and his family escape before he was converted by Darkseid’s forces. Green Arrow decides to let him up and they all join Black Canary and Oracle in the meeting room. Along with the West Family, where both Jay and Iris West are in awe of seeing the Ray as they prepare for the battle ahead. Black Canary asks what happened to the Blüdehaven strike force? He reveals that they were all defeated or killed. This includes members of the Atomic Knights, Doom Patrol. DEO and members of Checkmate. Meanwhile, deep within Blüdehaven, Turpin is slowly transforming into Darkseid, which he is trying to fight despite the massive amount of pain he is suffering. Rev. Godfrey tells Turpin how humans are huddling and they are an infection that the Anti-life Equation will cure. Godfrey also reveals that they all must shed their current “host” bodies, since they are starting to rot.

It is revealed that Earth will eventually became the ark gods’ 5th world but they must make it right for them and they must all finish their transformations. Granny Goodness in the body of Alpha-Lantern Karken is about to strike at the Guardians of the Universe on Oa while it is revealed it was Kalibak in the body of Freddie Freeman’s man-tiger that truly attacked John Stewert using the arm of another Green Lantern to fire his ring. Kalibak roars as Turpin slips more and more into becoming Darkseid. He tries to fight it but he knows he is going to lose this battle as his body is almost transformed. Back at the Hall of Justice, Darkseid’s forces are breaking through the base’s force field and it’s revealed that Oracle “killed” the internet to keep the Anti-life Equation from spreading world wide. She saw a glimpse of it but realized that the Anti-life Equation is mathematical proof that Darkseid is the rightful master of everything in existence. Green Arrow doesn’t believe it but Oracle tells him they can’t just run in and beat up Darkseid and his forces are about to break their defenses. The Ray then hails the rest of the heroes still left standing. He contacts Mr. Terrific in Checkmate at the Castle who are fighting off more of Darkseid’s forces. Alan Scott then contacts the rest of their forces from the Suicide Squad to the Great Ten. To Supergirl and the Metal Men in the Fortress of Solitude. While the Ultra Marines’ Superbia base falls to Darkseid’s forces. Meanwhile, Darkseid’s forces start to take over Gorilla City, while both Freddie Freeman and Alan try to ask Black Adam for help. At first Adam finds it useless but then believes it will be a battle worth the fun and then the Great Ten agree to get ready to strike.

With communications out again, the Tattooed Man finally reveals that he has kept piece of circuit from Black Lightning in his skin and suddenly transforms into Metron. It’s then that Black Lightning breaks the force fields around the Hall of Justice and Darkseid’s forces head in. Meanwhile, back in Central City Barry Allen and Wally West have a second to catch their breaths and hug before being attacked by the Female Furies. The Flashes quickly defeat them and Wally says that one of them looks like Wonder Woman but isn’t her. Barry reveals that the entire multiverse is avalanching into oblivion. That they have to save everyone and that they will start with their family first. Back at the Hall of Justice, Green Arrow sends his team into the transport tube to the JLA Satellite and then goes to fight Darkseid’s forces himself. He lasts for a while before Black Lightning defeats him and has Ollie transformed into a slave as well. On the satellite, Black Canary tells them “now.” Back in Blüdehaven, Mary Marvel brings Darkseid’s head piece as the skies above Earth start to rain blood. Godfrey tells Turpin to either give a thumbs up for the triumph of the human spirit. Or thumbs down to summon a day of holocaust that will never end. Mary Marvel then places Darkseid’s head piece on Turpin. Turpin then tells himself: “It’s my choice.”

In Central City more slave helmets are created as Iris Allen walks home and arrives in her living room. Watching the TV tell her that: “self=Darkseid” over and over again. Barry and Wally soon walk in and Iris is afraid but Barry reaches over and kisses his wife. After a spark of lightning, Iris is freed and the two enjoy a happy reunion. Iris says: “Everything will be all right now.” Barry replies: “You bet.” At the Castle a boom tube opens and Mister Miracle and the Forever People come in and tells Checkmate not to shoot but someone does. Back at Darkseid’s base, Turpin has lost the battle and given in and now there is only Apokolips and Darkseid. The choice is simple, Darkseid does a thumbs down. And that’s all she wrote folks for this long delayed issue. Can I say it was worth the wait? No, but was it a damn good issue! You bet! I do feel real sorry for J.G Jones, he tried he really did but I don’t fault him for not keeping up with the book. It happens and if anything, Final Crisis #4 was top writing that Grant Morrison is famous for. I’m looking forward to the last three issues but this delay has hurt the book and a lot of other things for DC. However, I still look forward to the next issue, whether that is in November of December.

Previews for Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns and Submit

Posted in Final Crisis by mrread7 on October 19, 2008

The long awaited previews for Final Crisis are here. Rage of the Red Lanterns and Submit. Check them out over at newsarama.

Final Crisis #4 Delayed… again!

Posted in Final Crisis,News by mrread7 on September 8, 2008

We already knew that issue #4 of Final Crisis was going to be a month off since issue #3 to make the gap between the two issues, which is a month into the future thanks to the Flashes time traveling. Well, it was revealed earlier this month that the book has been delayed from October 1st to October 15th. It’s not too bad of a delay and we have plenty of things to fill in the gap with: Submit, Resist, Superman: Beyond, and Rage of the Red Lanterns. So, I’m mildly pissed but… I’ll get get over it.

Can Superboy-Prime be reformed?

Posted in Final Crisis,green lantern,Profiles by mrread7 on September 1, 2008

The big question posed at the end of the first issue of Legion of Three Worlds, can the Clark Kent of Earth-Prime truly be reformed. From one of the heroes of Crisis and Infinite Earths to the all around villain of Infinite Crisis and later one of the main members of the Sinestro Corps. Superboy-Prime has gone from side character to known villain. Let’s look at what drove this alternate Superman to becoming the villain he is now. After the destruction of the Anti-Monitor, Superboy-Prime joins Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three, Kal-L, and his wife Lois Lane in a “paradise dimension”.
In the “paradise dimension”, Superboy-Prime secludes himself from the others, using crystals to replay events from his life on Earth-Prime. His favorite memory is of his ninth birthday party, which he watches repeatedly. Superboy-Prime becomes frustrated and angry, and he tries to reach out to Kal-L, whose attention is focused on Lois’ failing health. Alexander comes to believe that the reason behind Lois’ failing health is the paradise dimension itself, and persuades Superboy-Prime to help him return to reality. Alexander also shows Superboy-Prime the negative aspects of the post-Crisis Earth. Superboy-Prime hesitates until he overhears Kal-L say: “I wish this world would let him grow up. He’ll never be Superman here”. Finally, Alexander shows him the deaths of his parents and girlfriend in a car accident on the post-Crisis Earth.

The Superman of Earth-Two breaks open a portal to the DC Universe, and the four residents of the paradise dimension return, making themselves known to Power Girl and Batman. When introduced to Power Girl, he calls himself Superboy-Prime for the first time. Kal-L tells Power Girl: “When the universe was reborn, Earth-One became the primary world. The scraps of the remaining worlds were folded into it. But I finally realized— we saved the wrong Earth”. Superboy-Prime is jealous of Conner Kent, the modern Superboy, believing him to be living the life he himself ought to have had. He also believes the Earth’s heroes act more like villains. As part of Luthor’s plan, Superboy-Prime abducts figures originally from the worlds that combined to form the post-Crisis Earth, including Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Black Adam, The Ray, Lady Quark and Breach to power the vibrational tuning fork Alexander builds. Superboy-Prime confronts Superboy, telling him that he is the only Superboy the Earth needs. Superboy-Prime brutally attacks Conner, but not before he can activate his Titans homing signal. The Teen Titans, the Doom Patrol, and the Justice Society of America arrive to help Conner. After accidentally killing Pantha, Superboy-Prime is shocked and horrified. The heroes try to contain Superboy-Prime, who kills and wounds several of them.
Speedy traps Superboy-Prime in the Phantom Zone, using an “emergency Phantom Zone arrow”. Superboy-Prime breaks free, exclaiming that the Phantom Zone is for “bad guys”. Left with no other option, Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen drive Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force, and banish him to a world bathed in red sunlight, where he remains for four years.

Hours later, an older Bart Allen, dressed in his grandfather’s costume, emerges from the Speed Force and tells the heroine Doctor Light to warn the other heroes that Superboy-Prime has escaped. Superboy-Prime reappears during a battle between Alexander Luthor and the heroes freed from his tower. Upon his return, he wears a power suit modeled after the Anti-Monitor’s armor, which constantly feeds him yellow solar energy and boosts his power levels. During the battle, Black Adam discovers that his magic has little effect against Superboy-Prime. Superboy-Prime knocks Adam away from the tower, and his opponent is transported to Earth-S. Superboy-Prime insists that Luthor reinstate Earth-Prime as the only existing Earth. After Superboy-Prime attempts to kill Wonder Girl, an enraged Conner Kent attacks him. Conner and Superboy-Prime battle until Conner’s wrist is broken and he charges Superboy-Prime, sending them both headlong into Alexander Luthor’s vibrational tuning fork. The machine explodes, and the alternate Earths merge into one. Superboy dies from injuries sustained during the explosion while Superboy-Prime survives.
Alexander and Superboy-Prime join the Battle of Metropolis and quarrel about their contingency plan. Since their tower has been destroyed, Alexander is prepared to settle for taking over New Earth instead of creating a perfect Earth. Upon hearing of the new plan, Superboy-Prime refuses to help Alex, as he believes New Earth to be hopelessly inferior.
When Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, and Kal-L arrive to save Metropolis, Kal-L confronts Alex about his role in the destruction. Meanwhile, Superboy-Prime is attacked by Bart Allen, who is outraged by Superboy-Prime’s murder of Conner. Superboy-Prime escapes Bart and flies toward Oa intending to destroy it and spark another Big Bang which would recreate the universe with himself as the sole hero. Although the majority of the Earth’s heroes are in pursuit, Superboy-Prime eludes capture. He is confronted by the Green Lantern Corps in deep space.

Imprisoned on Oa, Superboy-Prime carves an S-symbol into his chest and vows to escape.
Superboy-Prime breaks through a 300-mile thick wall of pure willpower generated by the Green Lantern Corps. Upon reaching the other side, he battles and slaughters thirty-two Green Lanterns. The battle provides the two Supermen time to attempt one final plan. They grab Superboy-Prime and drive him through Rao, the red sun of Krypton. The heat melts away Superboy-Prime’s armor, and severely weakens all three Kryptonians, who then land on Mogo. Superboy-Prime savagely beats Kal-L, who is all but dead when Kal-El intervenes.
Superboy-Prime claims that he is better than Kal-El, and that his Krypton was superior to Kal-El’s. Kal-El responds: “It’s not about where you were born. Or what powers you have. Or what you wear on your chest. It’s about what you do… It’s about action.” Although nearly powerless, Kal-El knocks Superboy-Prime out before collapsing himself.
The Green Lantern Corps arrives and confine Superboy-Prime in a quantum containment field, surrounded by a red Sun-Eater and guarded by fifty Green Lanterns.

A year later, Superboy-Prime sits in his cell and is watched over by a special cadre of Green Lanterns, including Guy Gardner, when the Guardians of the Universe discuss whether they should question him.
Geoff Johns stated on the scene, “It’s a subtle thing – he’s looking at his belt, and he’s contemplating who and what he is… for us, him being naked was an acknowledgment of stripping himself down to being this kid again, and being completely absorbed in what he’s done, and what he’s going to do.”
When the Sinestro Corps attack Oa, Superboy-Prime is released from his imprisonment and joins them. He becomes one of the Anti-Monitor’s heralds, and wears the uniform of the Sinestro Corps along with a variant of the power suit he wore during Infinite Crisis. Now called Superman-Prime (in part due to the legal disputes over the Superboy name), he arrives on Earth and battles a large group of heroes while flashing back on his life so far. He reveals that he did not believe Sinestro when he said that the Multiverse has been restored, and has only gone along with the Anti-Monitor’s plans so that he may one day get revenge on him for the destruction of Earth-Prime. Superman, Power Girl, and Supergirl arrive and stop him, only to have him escape as the sun rises, restoring his powers. Afterwards, Superman-Prime brutally battles Ion. Superman-Prime and the Green Lantern-powered Daxamite have an all out battle throughout the state of New York. Prime is already slightly as powerful as Ion but when he exposes him to lead, Superman-Prime gets the upper hand, defeating him. When the Anti-Monitor is wounded by the Guardians and the destruction of War World, Superman-Prime impatiently flies through his chest and throws him into space, then battles both the Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps, until a Guardian willingly sacrifices himself to destroy Superman-Prime. However, instead of dying Prime is warped into another universe.

In Countdown to Final Crisis, following the conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War, Superman-Prime is now wearing a costume similar to the black suit worn by Superman shortly after his resurrection and has discovered the existence of the new Multiverse, traversing it in the hopes of finding Earth-Prime. He arrives on Earth-15 and attacks that world’s Lex Luthor, blaming him for Alexander Luthor’s failure to make the universe “perfect”. He promptly kills that world’s heroes and destroys the planet.
He then flies to his new base of operations in the Source Wall where he had been torturing Mister Mxyzptlk into helping him recreate Earth-Prime. It was revealed that Superman-Prime is 19 years old and according to Mxyzptlk, his growth is temporary and the result of his cells absorbing energy from his last “encounter”. Mxyzptlk escapes with the help of another prisoner, Annataz Arataz, an alternate version of Zatanna from Earth-3. Annataz is killed when Superman-Prime grows angry and gives up on using magic to achieve his goals.
In issue #16, he appears on the Monitors’ satellite headquarters and threatens Solomon to help him find Earth-Prime. In the following issue, Solomon tells him that if he releases Forerunner, he will show him what he wants, and in issue #14, he does so. Solomon then tells Prime that Earth-51 is his perfect Earth, and it is in ruins due to the fighting between Monarch’s Army, the Earth-51 heroes, and the Challengers. Prime leaves the satellite with the intent to confront Monarch. Superman-Prime confronts and fights with Monarch in issue #13, becoming slightly injured after Monarch exposes part of his suit. In a fit of rage, Superman-Prime redoubles his attack on Monarch and while his temporarily Oan Guardian-boosted powers begin to fade he rips open the chestplate of Monarch’s containment armor, resulting in a huge explosion of quantum energy that seems to destroy the entire universe of Earth-51.

In the 31st Century, shortly after the events of Geoff Johns storyline. The Time Trapper finds Superboy-Prime lost in time, and decides to use him to destroy the Legion, sending him to the 31st century, where he crashes in a farm outside of Smallville.
He appears much younger than he did when he was last seen in Countdown to Final Crisis, and appears to be wearing the tattered remains of his black Superman-Prime uniform. He encounters the elderly couple who own the farm, and they refer to him as “Superboy,” which enrages him. Despite returning to a younger appearance after the events of Countdown, he still thinks of himself as a man, rather than a boy. After killing a xenophobic farming couple, he makes his way in to Smallville and visits the Superman museum, and is enraged that Superman is regarded so highly. His rage, however, increases greatly when he visits the hall of villains in the museum, and finds the statue commemorating him to be locked in a back storeroom, as he is regarded as merely a footnote in Supermans history, an annoyance who was defeated by Conner Kent and Sodam Yat, and ultimately having no impact on history. This sends him in to a tantrum, in which he wrecks the museum, kills some police, and then learns of the Legion of Super-Villains.
He learns from the information in the museum that the Legion of Super-Villains followed a code of evil, inspired by a dark being whose “name was never spoken.” Prime, resolved to be a villain with more of an impact than any other enemy of Superman, sets out for the prison planet of Takron-Galtos, and frees Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Cosmic King. Unlike most denizens of the 31st century, they all recognize Prime and seem overjoyed to see him. The dialogue seems to imply that Prime was the dark being whose example the Legion follows.
After freeing the prisoners, Prime burns a huge S in to the prison planet, which prompts the Legion to call Superman from the 21st Century. Superman, and the historical records, imply that no one from New Earth are aware of what happened to Prime after the Sinestro Corps War. (Although being on Earth-51 at the same time as him, Kyle, Jason, and Donna never encountered or identified Prime themselves, so they were most likely unaware who exactly was fighting Monarch).
Superman and Brainiac 5 decide to bring in two other versions of the Legion to combat the new Legion of Super Villains, led by Prime, with Superman convinced the only way to neutralize the threat of Prime is to redeem him.

So, can Geoff Johns truly tell a story about Superboy-Prime being redeemed, even more can this guy truly be reformed? It’s really hard to say, as revealed in Legion of Three Worlds, Superboy-Primes thanks to the “new” multiverse history is the true inspiration for the Legion of Super Villains. Plus, Superboy-Prime will be leading the newly reformed Legion of Super Villains against Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes. Now, the more I look at it, it’s possible for Superboy-Prime to be reformed. If you look at all the history that wiki provided and have read any stories by Superboy-Prime. You can see that it’s always been a bigger villain that has manipulated him. Does that excuse his behavior? Of course not. He still let his anger and teenage angst get the better of him. The biggest thing here for Superboy-Prime’s character flaw is a matter of trust. He trusted in the wrong people or believed that listening to them would justify his own goals perfectly. In the end, Superboy-Prime pretty much just wants to go home and be the Superman of his own universe. He just keeps thinking that since he can’t go back home, his best plan is just replace the main Superman. Kal-El is right, they have to reach him and show him that he is a hero and must let go of his anger. Geoff Johns has stated that the Legion of Three Worlds story is Superboy-Prime’s story. So, I’m going to sit back, read each issue and come January see if that pays off.

My Final Crisis tie ins list

Posted in Final Crisis by mrread7 on August 23, 2008

I was thinking last night, I do all this talk about the Final Crisis tie ins that I like but I never really talk about why I want to get one book over another. So, I decided to make up my own hit list of Final Crisis books I can’t wait for and will be adding to the list. First off all though, I will talk about the ones I won’t be getting. The first being Superman: Beyond, I get this is supposed to tie in to Lois’s condition and even tie into Legion of 3 Worlds but I really don’t want to be reading about a two part story that deals with a guy trying to save his wife no matter what. I’ve read this before and I’ve even written stuff like this before. Will it probably be a good story? Sure, but will I be putting out $7 for it? No. I’m also not following Trinity at all, I love Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley’s work but I can’t put out $2.99 a pop for a weekly series. I know that Trinity really doesn’t deal directly with Final Crisis but it touches upon it at times. Just not a cup of tea at the moment.

Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns

Probably the biggest of the books I’m looking forward to in the middle of October. Rage of the Red Lanterns pretty much kicks off not only The Blackest Night but also the first in the War of Light chapter in the main Green Lantern title. While the Star Sapphire Corps plagues the rest of the corps over in the Green Lantern Corps book. This book is not only going to deal with who the Red Lanterns are but also set up Sinestro for 2009. As the Green Lantern Corps pass judgment on their former Green Lantern. Will Sinestro finally be executed or will the Red Lanterns have their justice. It’s these questions that I’m looking forward to and just what the origin of the Red Lantern power really is.

Final Crisis: Resist

Taking place just after the Anti-life equation was unleashed on Earth. This deals with the resistance against the power of Darkseid and his forces. As Snapper Carr, Mr. Terrific and what is left of Checkmate have to team up with one of the main members of the Injustice League and constant foe of Wonder Woman, Cheetah. There is a lot of history with Cheetah and Snapper Carr back when he was the JLA mascot and considering what happened during Salvation Run. It will be interesting to see where Cheetah stands now with the villain community. However, the biggest news is Snapper Carr returning. He hasn’t been seen since the last Hourman series wrapped up a few years ago. I am hoping we find out what happened to Snapper following the end of the series, not just with Young Justice but also his ex, Bethany Lee and their friends and family.

Final Crisis: Submit

On the other side of Resist deals with submitting to the Anti-life equation. Pretty much the line between hero and villain becomes hugely blurred and the current Tattoo Man has to team up with Black Lightning through all of this. The characters actually share a history and since Black Lightning had problems with the second Tattoo Man over the years. It’s going to be interesting to see what the two do. I’m very interested in how the Tattoo Man is going to react with all the countless sins going on in the world following the release of the Anti-life equation and how Black Lighting is going to pull through everything. His two daughters are super heroes and his wife has her own problems. This should be some great drama to watch.

One World, under Gog

The conclusion to the major story line that has been going on in Justice Society finally reaches it’s high climax. As the Kingdom Come Superman, the new Magog, and the entire Justice Society must find out where they stand against Gog. Do they support him, when the world needs peace the most. Or do they stand against some one who might have the best intentions but will ultimately bring about a greater disaster for everyone. This story has really been about being given your greatest desires and watching them come apart around you. How the large Justice Society has become split over Gog’s dealings and the heroes that have completely fallen to his influence. It’s more of a story of morality and despite three tie ins to bring the story to an end come December. It’s worth my extra $7 and my time. I can’t wait to see how this all comes to a mind shatter end.

Final Crisis #3 review

Posted in Final Crisis by mrread7 on August 6, 2008

Know Evil

In Gotham City, members of SHADE break into a local building where Frankenstein tells someone to freeze. It turns out to be the Question who finds Danny Turpin mummified. She then asks who would do such a think and then disappears. Soon above the city a large object falls out of the sky while Frankenstein finds a message on the wall. It says: “Know Evil.” Frankenstein contacts Father Time if he can see it but the object that fell from the sky soon hits the ground as Taleb tells Father Time to order the crate and to pick up the Question. We soon see that the object that fell from the sky is the Nazi version of Wonder Woman from another Earth and as the Question, now back at Renee Montoya looks at her, she is soon picked up by SHADE. At big Belly Burger, Nxo is still going on about what he knew from his time as a Monitor and his boss has had it with him. He is soon fired but Nxo sees on TV that things are starting to fall apart.

Back in Central City at the West House, Jay Garrick tells Iris West that he saw Barry Allen and they ran trying to avoid the Black Racer and stop the bullet that killed Orion. However, they were unable to stop Orion from being killed. Jay goes on how they disappeared in the speed force and that he alone found his way back. He saw Barry Allen alive and he was coming home. Elsewhere, in the swamps at the old Legion of Doom headquarters, The Human Flame is given his new task by Libra. A helmet is given to the Human Flame who soon sees that Libra has other motivations. Libra places the helmet on the Human Flame and tells him to listen to the voice. That it’s the Anti-life equation and now he will no longer be a failure and just after that Lex Luthor and other members of the Secret Society walk in. Libra tells them that the Human Flame is fine now. Luthor is happy that Superman is now out of the picture but asks about the price that must be paid. Libra soon shows that the Human Flame is now a slave to his “god”. Soon, other members of the Dark Side Club show up holding weapons at the Secret Society members. Libra tells Luthor and the others to: “reject science and swear an old to the bible of crime. The day of Apokolips is at hand.” Now is the time to choose.

At Metropolis Memorial Hospital a gravely injured Lois Lane has her husband, Clark Kent at her side while Jimmy Olson tells him that Lois was lucky. Perry White is still on life support, Dirk Armstrong lost a leg and Adele from human resources is dead but at least Superman got the shrapnel out of Lois’s heart. He wonders where Superman is and Clark just says that he has more important things to do. Jimmy soon leaves and as Clark tells his wife he will do anything to save her. A mysterious woman shows up telling Clark she knows who he is and if want to save Lois and everything else. He must come with her now before it’s too late. Back at the Hall of Justice the Alpha-Lanterns escort Hal Jordan back to Oa to stand trial for the possible murder of Orion and the attack on John Stewert. Wonder Woman protests but Kraken tells her that Hal will be brought before the Guardians and they will decide. Hal tells his friends to let them and leaves. Wonder Woman believes that Darkseid is somehow behind this but they must act now. Alan Scott tells Wonder Woman now is the time for Article X, which is a draft for super heroes. Alan tells Oracle to round up the troops and soon, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Tiger, Black Canary, Green Lantern and others assemble. Alan tells them that with them all together, no enemy can stand against them.

Back in Japan, Mister Miracle escorts Super-Sumo to his plane and talks about how he escaped death and that something really wrong is now happening. Their plane is soon destroyed by members of the Darkside Club and as the two run they are saved by the rest of the Japanese Justice League. They all make a quick exit in a flying car from the soldiers while Wonder Woman lands in Blüdehaven to find Darkseid. She is soon joined by the Atomic Knights as they go through ground zero. They soon find bodies turned inside out and Mary Marvel who has now been twisted into an evil Female Fury. She soon attacks them and kills members of the knights. Leading to an all out battle with Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman gets the upper hand but then finds out from Mary that the New Gods were hiding in the bodies of others and that’s why no one could find them. She is soon hit with an omega compound by Mary Marvel. Who tells her she will be the disease carrier. Wonder Woman starts sputtering in pain.

Later, Mokkari activates the Anti-life Equation over the internet and soon Mr. Terrific and Oracle find an email has been sent to everyone possible and is opening by itself. They soon realize what it is but can’t stop it. Weeks pass and soon both Barry Allen and Wally West exit the Speed Force and find themselves a month later from when they left. Barry goes on why he was brought back and find a world now change. They both look up to see the “new” Female Furies, Batwoman, Cat Woman, Giganta and lead by Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman responds: “Super heroes. Kill.” Where do I start? First, the opening of this issue was a bit confusing but then it just took off from the Flashes showing up. The talk about how Orion was killed and the Black Racer coming for them and the rebirth of the New Gods. This issue just keeps building and building to the unleashing of the Anti-life Equation and then… the world literally goes to hell in a hand basket. The heroes have fallen, the villains have won and now two generations of Flashes must put the world right. Grant Morrison really out does himself and the art by J.G. Jones is just astonishing. Too bad we have to wait until September for the next issue. Time to look up the minis and one shots now.

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