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I’m done reading comics. Does this mean I’m an adult now?

Posted in Rants by mrread7 on March 31, 2010


Well, technically I have three books left in two weeks that officially end my comic book collecting/reading days for the foreseeable future. Today I picked up Blackest Night #8 that marked the end of my Green Lantern reading after 16 years. I couldn’t have picked a better way to end a great run in reading a great comic. Two years ago when I was at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention, I was asked if there were three books I would never stop reading. I said: Spider-man, Green Lantern and Nova. However, you never realize at that moment that in a couple of years life changes. You look back and wonder just how you stuck with it or why you never did it earlier and could have paid off a lot of debt earlier when it was really pretty small.
The truth is, I always felt that no matter what happened with me, I could pick up the pieces and just keep moving on in life. However, I never paused to think that maybe, just maybe I had to change my life dramatically to truly get myself my own Brightest Day. 5 months ago, I began that when I married my beautiful wife, Melissa. However, the more I tried and longer I thought about things. I realized that I had more to think about for the future than just moving on to the next step. I had to think about creating a future for the two of us and what lies ahead. That meant I had to make a big decision to stamp out debt and have it so Melissa and I could finally move out of my old place and start building a more financially stable future.
Now, I’m selling off my old stuff and other junk that the two of us have accumulated over the last several years. I’m clearing up space but at the same time, making major strides in paying off left over debt and getting one step closer to have a more stable life. My small entertainment might come from my Iphone now instead of a Nintendo or an issue of Spider-Girl. However, those things will always be there. I’ll eventually pick up a controller or a comic again some time in the future and pick up where I left off but under better circumstances. I’m looking into going back to school, securing a better job and just being more of an adult now. Sure, I’ll always be a kid at heart as a friend of mine put it but I’ll do it with a brighter light in front of me and not a unsure dusk like it has been the last few years.
Sometimes the hardest decision is giving up something you love so you can have a brighter tomorrow and that’s what I’m doing. I did feel a bit of sadness as I placed Blackest Night back in it’s cover and then put with the rest of Green Lantern books. Ending a long 16 year run but I did smile in the end because I know the best is yet to come.


The Rise and Fall of the Comic Book collector

Posted in Rants by mrread7 on March 23, 2010

  I remember the first time I picked up a comic book. It was an issue of the Amazing Spider-man but I don’t remember the issue number. It was 1980 and I remember my mother reading the book to me. I was just in awe over the story. I was a watching of the old Spider-man TV series and Spider-man and his Amazing Friends back then. However, there was just something different about having the comic read to me. Over the next four years. I would get various comics with Spider-man, Green Lantern and even Daredevil a few times. In 1984 I had Transformers and GI Joe regularly picked up when I was shopping with my mother or grandparents.
  I never missed an issue during their long run during the 80s. Some time around 1990 I stopped reading. Comics were no longer “cool” to a lot of people. There were various cartoons and shows about various characters, which I still watched but comics were just not the thing anymore. In late 1993, I started going through depression, mostly due to high school life and very impartial social life. I even went down to almost committing suicide. I pulled myself out of it slowly but it was a long journey. One of my therapy sessions was to immerse myself in a hobby that I use to enjoy and comics were my choice. Starting back with Spider-man, Daredevil and Green Lantern, I reentered the comic book world again.
   This trend would continue the rest of the way through high school and then into college. Where I pulled my younger siblings into reading comics and started attending yearly comic book conventions. My reading had expanded to Spider-Girl, JLA, Justice Society and more. I kept things very steady and on budget for several years and even until just after college. However, around the spring of 2004 my reading waned, I dropped books and started reading only what I really enjoyed. Two years later I started working full time and I balanced my reading to include more and even had started several comic book related websites and blogs during that time. I even went on to co-found two podcasts on Green Lantern and Marvel Cosmic Titles. However, in early 2008 after suffering a major break with a girlfriend. I was forced to sell off several books on EBay and to dealers to cover massive debt she had left me. Even worse, I was not getting to far ahead on things since I was dealing with repairs and a higher cost of living. I sold over 500 books in less than 4 months.
  Things turned around for me and I met and fell in love with a woman and we married just over a year later. However, despite hard work and even cutting back more on things, balancing the budget was still proving difficult. With no other choice to settle all debts and start saving more money a month. I decided to stop buying and collecting comics in any form. Leaving me to sell off all but 2 collections and in the next few weeks to pay off as much as I can. In a way it feels a large part of my life is coming to an end but at the same time. This is the beginning of my Brightest Day. I’m starting a new beginning in my life and I have to plan more to the future now.
   Melissa and I need to get a larger more private place and we are planning on having our own family some time in the near future. These goals need to come first and not a fan boy’s enjoyment. While I will miss the blogs, reading and collecting. I know I’m doing it for the right reasons and someday when things are more balanced. I will return to the land of comic books and even video games again. And when that day comes, I will teach my children the great work of comics and leave them to experience the wonder and enjoyment.  

Looking ahead to Brightest Day: The Hawks

Posted in Brightest Day,Rants by mrread7 on March 20, 2010

  It was one of the most shocking moments of 2009. When the Black Lantern versions of Sue and Ralph Dibney murdered Hawkman and Hawkgirl and they in turn were also transformed into Black Lanterns. Leading to the amazing Hawkman and the Atom tie in one-shot about the relationship between Ray and Carter. Hawkman and Hawkgirl have been very directionalist the last few years. After Jimmy Palimonti and Justin Grey left the title. The book flunder while Walt Simonson tried to make the book completely about Hawkgirl something new. That didn’t work either. Then Geoff Johns put Hawkman back in Justice Society and Brad Meltzer put Hawkgirl over in Justice League and tried to have the two characters move on from each other. That worked for a brief time, then you add in the mess with Trinity and Final Crisis and… well what else can I say.
  I’m hoping with the revelations about Carter and Kendra being the original source for the Star Sapphire and the fact that Ray is going to bring them back to the land of the living at the conclusion of Blackest Night. That the Hawks will get put back on the right track again. Personally, they were doing fine until all of a sudden. Most editors and writers felt that even with the streamline history that was done 10 years ago. The characters still weren’t “even” enough. I thought they were fine, it’s like when writers don’t know what to do with Red Tornado or hate the character, so they blow him up again. Because we all know that works out so well the last 50 times. I’m hoping that we can get Hawkman and Hawkgirl in a more team role back on the Justice Society since Justice League still needs a little bit more help before it’s a great title again.
  I would love to see a Hawk title relaunched with a team that will respect the Hawks and stop trying to back track or obliterate everything they just don’t like, like other writers have done in the pass. Personally, I would be fine with a new Atom and the Hawkman title with Hawkgirl as part of the cast and go from there. The book has worked very well in the past and if they are willing to respect the characters history without trying to retcon or forget about the “good” things about the characters. Then the title should florish.

Looking ahead to Brightest Day: Firestorm

Posted in Brightest Day,Movie,News,Rants by mrread7 on March 15, 2010

  Confirmed this weekend at hte Emerald City Comic Con by Geoff Johns himself. Firestorm will be a main character during the Brightest Day series. Since Brightest Day is about second chances and those who will live up to them and those who will fall. I am very happy and hoping to hear that this is Ronnie Raymon returning. As much as Jason Rausche has grown on me in the last 5 years. I would rather have the two being the duo that makes up Firestorm. Having the experience one teaching the new one how to be a hero. Having conflicting emotions since the Black Lantern Ronnie killed Jason’s girlfriend during Blackest Night. There is plenty of conflict here. Killing Ronnie off to make room for Jason wasn’t one of the best moves by DC. Especially considering how much of a fan base that Firestorm had. Everyone gave Jason a chance and even grew to like him. However, he wasn’t Ronnie. Nows the chance, let’s hope Ronnie lives up to his second chance in spades.

Looking ahead to Brightest Day: The New Guardians

Posted in Brightest Day,Rants by mrread7 on March 13, 2010

  With three weeks before Blackest Night ends, it’s time for a little look at “The New Guardians.” Pretty much, it’s just the main characters of each corps, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Atrocius, Larfleeze, Indigo-1 and Saint Walker. Making Earth their new home, after all, life began on Earth first apparently after the Big Bang (Those lying smurfs). While we won’t know the full details on why the various corps will be shaking hands and taking walks outside in the park until Blackest Night #8. I do have to wonder what will be the fate of the White Light. Since we know Sinestro will take back on his corps as a yellow lantern and white lanterns will be around after Blackest Night into Brightest Day. My best guess is that Coast City becomes the central home for the main members of the corps while each of the other planets from Oa to Ysmault are the main bases for each corps.
   I can see each of the corps helping each other when they need to but at the same time the various corps duking it out with each other when they don’t agree on things. Keep in mind, the Red Lanterns are going to a more “protect life” mission. However, it’s at all costs. As for Larfleeze, I see him and Sayd building the Orange Lantern Corps out of the biggest thieves out of the universe. To keep them in check and use them when trouble arises. Not to mention, I have a feeling that the more orange lanterns there are. The harder is for the orange light to effect them when there are more being influenced. Keeps the avarice entity from having so much hold on them like it does on Larfleeze and Lex Luthor.
   For the Blue Lanterns and Indigo Tribe, I see their ranks hugely expanding. Right now there aren’t a lot of each of those corps. I see the end of the Blackest Night sparking more hope and compassion in the universe, which means there will be those who need to protect it at all costs and continue to fan it like a fire. I do see the green and yellow corps at each others’ throats for time to come with the various team ups when there need to be. Same goes for the Star Sapphires. As for the final fate of the black lanterns and Black Hand. I think Geoff Johns said it perfectly: “Light can’t exist without the darkness.” They’ll be out there but more rare and keep the future white lantern corps busy through out existence. Keep in ind outside of Sector 3600 is nothing but black. The Manhunters are out there and in that part of space, the darkness looks to black out the light.

OMG it’s the Deadpool Corps!!!!!

Posted in Rants by mrread7 on March 10, 2010

  Yes, they are coming to your local comic book store, the Deadpool Corps. Wait a minute? A Marvel Comic book talked about on the Green Lantern Spotlight? Yes, it’s happen before, when I took a look at the differance between the Green Lantern Corps and the Nova Corps. However, I was being serious then, now… not so much. Yep a group made up of: The Deadpool Kid (wild west version).

Kid Deadpool – Note, this is not the previously known 616 Kid Deadpool. This is an alternate universe Kid Deadpool.

Major Deadpool

Lady Deadpool


Headpool – The head from Zombie Deadpool
  Lead by our favorite Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool from 616, the Deadpool Corps is out to save the multiverse with their deliciously awesomeness. No, I’m not smoking anything and I’m not secretly Rob Leifeld. I’m just a Deadpool fan who knows this is really a mockery of the GLC. In this modern era of 5 differeant Green Lantern, Avengers, Spider-man and X-books. Deadpool is just exploding around the place. So, instead of rolling my eyes, I’m just going to enjoy the ride and just see how many GLC jokes come about in the next few months. If the book makes it past issue 5. Since a lot of newer Marvel titles are lucky if they make it past 4 these days.

Books you should be reading: The Great Ten

Posted in Great Ten,Rants by mrread7 on March 8, 2010

  Since returning from my honeymoon. I have been catching up on my reading as we prepare to go into The Brightest Day. I’m going to start today with one of my reading recommendations, The Great Ten. he Great Ten returned in their own eponymous, ten-issue limited series written by Tony Bedard, which is intended to provided a detailed origin of the group’s members.

Issue #1 details the Accomplished Perfect Physician‘s origin, and introduces eight deities from Chinese mythology led by the Jade Emperor. The pantheon includes Yu Huang the Jade Emperor and King of the Gods, Lei Kung the God of Thunder, Feng Po the God of Winds, Kuan Ti the God of War, Lei Zi the Goddess of Lightning and wife of Lei Kung, Chu Jiang a minor God of the Dead who rules the second level of Diyu, Gong Gong the God of Floods, and Chu Jung the God of Fire and father of Gong Gong.
Issue #2 details the Celestial Archer‘s origin, has the Old Chinese Gods have returned for vengeance. With the citizens of Lhasa caught in the middle, the Old Gods battle against the Great Ten, but the super functionaries are no match for the angry, ancient gods, not when one member – the Celestial Archer – chooses to turn against his team and fight alongside the gods.
Issue #3 details the Thundermind‘s origin, he appears in times of need to defend China against evil and injustice. But when Thundermind joins the Great Ten in their battle against the Old Chinese Gods, he learns the startling secret that the Old Chinese Gods have been hiding – a secret so massive it could destroy all of China.
Issue #4 details the Immortal Man-in-Darkness‘ origin, while he battles Feng Po in Shanghai. Immortal Man-in-Darkness finally defeats Feng Po, and the Great Ten discover Feng Po is using Durlan technology and that the Old Chinese Gods are false.
Issue #5 details the August General in Iron‘s origin, the Great Ten asking him about his Durlan’s organism. August General in Iron’s explain his classified in Qinghai‘s incident, were RPLA got biologically. In Kunlun Mountains, the Old Chinese Gods plan to invasion Hong Kong. Celestial Archer’s know the Old Chinese Gods are not them and send a message to Great Ten from theirs plan.

  Bedard and Scott McDanial have beening making this a very fun series. I have to admit, the series took a bit to get
after we got the Accomplished Perfect Physcian’s origin out of the way (one of my favorite characters). Since issue 
four, the series has really picked up both in plot and paced. It’s also given us a great insight on these characters.
Who is driven by duty, others have been forced and also painting all the characters in grey than black and white. I 
also love the inclusion of the Durlings in the story and how they tie in with almost half of the cast of characters. 
This is shaping up to be a fine series and I hope we might get an ongoing out of it. Let’s hope. 

Old School tells us Aquaman’s History

Posted in Aquaman,Brightest Day,Rants by mrread7 on February 19, 2010

  My buddy Old School recently posted the cliff notes version of Aquaman’s history. I thought I would post it here on the GLS. As we get ready for the king’s return in May.

He’s returning from the dead, is my point.

We haven’t seen much of DC’s erstwhile Sea King lately. Oh, he’s shown up as one of the many voluble super-zombies now overrunning the DC Universe in the mass-spandexhumation event called Blackest Night. But then, who hasn’t?

Here’s the Blackest Night precis: Reanimated corpses of fallen heroes and villains have returned to feast on the raw emotions of living heroes. Read: There’s been a glut of costumed corpses delivering monologues meant to get the living heroes in touch with their feeeeelings.

(Think Judd Hirsch in Ordinary People, only more sinister, and with bits falling off him, and instead of that bulky knit sweater: tights and a cape.)

Last week DC announced that when the Blackest Night is over, there will come a Brightest Day, and released the teaser image above. It sent the the hearts of ardent Aquaman fans aflutter, and aTwitter, lemme tell YOU.

Understand: It’s never been easy, loving Aquaman. There’s all the shrill “He just talks to fish!” jeering to contend with, for one thing. (I’ve attempted to contend with it myself, using, on one occasion, some salty language, so be warned.)

But people who dismiss The Swift and Powerful Monarch of the Ocean are the sort of people who root for the alpha dog, not the underdog. They are drawn to privilege, not spirit; power, not heart; Yankees, not Cubs; Cameron, not Bigelow; Superman, not Aquaman.

Listen: It is the easiest thing in the world to love Superman. It risks nothing. Everything comes easy to Superman.

But Aquaman? That guy’s had a rough go of it.

And so have his fans.

After the jump: GOOD NEWS: The Sea King has enjoyed a long and storied reign. BAD NEWS: Largish chunks of that reign have been spent under less-than-ideal conditions, e.g. dead. Or displaced in time. Or with a squid for a face. Or in Detroit.

This recent history of the character reads like nothing so much as a decades-long Good News/Bad News joke. Viz:

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s Getting Married!

In 1964, in a single ceremony, Aquaman assumed the throne of Atlantis and wed other-dimensional, butt-kicking, hard-water-power-having Mera. Just five months later, tsk tsk, she bore a son, Arthur, Jr., aka Artie, aka ….Aquababy. Shut up.

BAD NEWS! Aqua-Infanticide! Aqua-Irreconcilable Differences!

In 1977, Aquaman’s foe Black Manta killed li’l Artie, sending Aquaman on a quest of self-discovery and self-recimination that would alter the character’s personality for years to come. He became brooding, hot-headed, and haughty, very like his Marvel opposite number, Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner. His marriage to Mera deteriorated.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman Leads the Justice League!

In the mid-80s, a haughty Aquaman haughtily told the big guns of the Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) where to get off, with great haughtiness. They were dividing their time too much, he told them, and the League was suffering from their inattention. Commit or quit, he said. They quit. And Aquaman became chairman of the Justice League of America.

BAD NEWS! Aquaman Leads …THIS Justice League.

To replace the big guns, Aquaman recruited some pea shooters like Vibe, Vixen, Gypsy and Steel. So began the Coy and Vance Duke era of the Justice League. Aquaman moved the League from their impossibly high-tech satellite 23,000 miles above the Earth to … a bunker. In Detroit.

I say again: A Detroit bunker.

And then, after a few adventures (and lots of shouting at everybody), he left the team to go work on his troubled marriage.

(To be fair, this era of Justice League history has its vocal supporters. But many were relieved when this version of the League met a brutal end.)

GOOD NEWS! After A Decade of Dithering, Aquaman Gets His Own Long-Running Series!

The next ten years saw several Aquaman one-shots and short-lived Aquaman series attempt to do something with the character. His world became a bit more mystical, Mera went insane, he finally got over his anger (although that didn’t take), and his origin got tweaked.

A bit later, Peter David’s The Atlantis Chronicles mini-series created a cohesive history for the undersea city, and Aquaman’s place in it.

In 1994, David launched his own Aquaman series. This one built on the rich mythic history and characters he’d established in The Atlantis Chronicles, and surrounded Aquaman with a cast of compelling characters.

BAD NEWS! Aquaman’s … Kind of a Jerk. TO THE EXTREME!

David stayed on the series for 46 issues, making some changes to the character that were perfectly matched to the grim, angst-ridden storytelling that took hold of comics in the mid-90s.

Aquaman lost a hand to piranha (long story), but replaced it with a detachable hook that, okay, looked kinda piratey and cool.

He switched the classic orange and green supersuit for a sort of gladiator number.

He affected a sea-captain mein, complete with goatee and Fabio hair. And he started messing around with a sea-chippie named Dolphin. (A WOMAN whose NAME was Dolphin, okay? Not an actual Tursiops truncatus. That’s how rumors start.)

But if Aquaman was haughty before David got his hands on him, he grew increasingly pompous with every subsequent issue. David left the book suddenly when DC Comics refused to let him (temporarily) kill Aquaman to turn him into a water elemental, and the title lumbered along for another couple years under various writers.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s back in the JLA!

Meanwhile, writer Grant Morrisson was accomplishing a feat that few writers had ever managed to pull off: He made Aquaman work as character in a team book. The Aquaman that appeared in the pages of Morrisson’s JLA run retained Peter David’s distinctive look, but came off a bit less imperious, and Morrisson had a gift for embracing the character’s, ah, unique set of powers in novel, narratively interesting ways.

BAD NEWS! He’s Dead! Or in The Past! … Something!

Soon after Morrisson left the JLA book, Aquaman presumably died saving the Earth during the 2001 crossover event Our Worlds at War. Only he didn’t die: He’d been sent back to pre-history. When he eventually got back to the present two years later, he was, predictably enough, sulky about it.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s Getting A New Series! Still Again Some More!

In 2003 writer Rick Veitch launched a new series that departed from the character’s history and created one of its own, steeped in Arthurian legend. Aquaman was now a servant of the Lady of the Lake herself, who replaced his hook-hand with a hand of … mystical … water.

BAD NEWS! It’s a Put-On!

The following is a quote from Veitch’s first issue, a bit of Aquaman’s narration as he swims the dark seas, wracked with guilt over the plight of his kingdom. Ready?

“I hear the cruel laughter of mollusks, mocking me.”

The cruel laughter. OF MOLLUSKS.

Now, Veitch is a good writer, and frequently a funny one. I put it to you that it is impossible to read a line like “the cruel laughter of mollusks” as anything but a joke. And once you accept that, his entire run on Aquaman makes more sense, especially when you consider that it involved Aquaman not being able to hit anything with his water-hand, lest he endanger the healing powers of the mystic energy that is at the core of all creation and blah blah blah.

Veitch was clearly camping it up, which is cool. Certainly the character’s ripe for a bit of fun. But his run was too incoherent and too beholden to hokey, faux-fantasy elements to amount to anything but a puzzling mess, and he left the book after 12 issues.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s Getting Another Chance!

Writer Will Pfiefer took over the series on issue 15. He kept the classic orange and green, clean-shaven Aquaman Veitch had restored, and kept the water hand.

In a smart move, he gave Aquaman a new base of operations by sinking the city of San Diego under the ocean with an earthquake. He also provided an intriguing central, driving mystery: The city’s sinking coincided with an event that changed the entire population into water-breathers.

For the first time in many years, Aquaman returned to his roots as a sort of undersea sheriff, and the title thrived, briefly.

BAD NEWS! Not For Long!

In less than a year, however, Pfeifer was out, and a new writer was brought in to fit the storyline into yet another universe-spanning crossover event that saw the return of Mera, the destruction of Atlantis, and a puzzling death/transformation for Aquaman.

GOOD NEWS! A New Direction for Aquaman! With a Great Writer!

In May of 2005, with issue #40, the series was renamed Aquaman, Sword of Atantis, and reconceived, by the great Kurt Busiek, as a sort of waterlogged Frank Frazetta swordfish-and-sorcery tale.

BAD NEWS! This New Direction Leads to an Aquaman Who Isn’t Aquaman, and The Guy Who Used to be Aquaman Having A SQUID FOR A FACE

Busiek decided that classic Aquaman had run his course, and seemingly killed him off to replace him with a young kid who fights monsters and magic-with-a-k, advised by a mysterious, hooded, tentacle-bearded presence called the Dweller in the Depths, not to put too fine a point on it.

That said squid-bearded presence was in fact the original Aquaman was evident from the first, but it took another 10 issues, and another writer, for the book to acknowledge it, whereupon the original (now squiddy) Aquaman was summarily killed off, in the May 2007 issue.

GOOD NEWS! There Will Come a Brightest Day!

And that’s more or less where we stand, until last week’s announcement.

Quoth writer Geoff Johns, architect of the Blackest Night and several recent revamps of classic DC characters:

“Brightest Day’ is about second chances. I think it’s been obvious from Day One that there are major plans for the heroes and villains from Aquaman to take center stage in the DC Universe, among many others, post-Blackest Night.”

Must sell everything

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  Before the wife and I head out for our delayed honeymoon. We need to sell everything in my Ebay shop before we go. It must all go so the wife and I can start saving for a new place. Trust me, we want out of our current apartment.

Emerald Warriors Debutes in May

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  Starting in May, there’ll be a new ongoing GREEN LANTERN series joining the shelves: GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS, starring everyone’s favorite ring-wielding hot head, Guy Gardner — with regular appearances from Kilowog. And who better to handle Guy’s adventures than Peter Tomasi, who’s knocked it out of the park on a monthly basis with his sharp dialogue and plotting on GREEN LANTERN CORPS? Hard to argue with that, I think.

  It is hard to argue but I have to wonder if this series can really carry? With SO much Green Lantern (not a bad thing). Can a title focusing sololy on Guy Gardner and Kilowog last past a year? One thing about GLC with so many various Green Lanterns and new and old characters alike. The book became a must have series. With Emerald Warriors it does make you wonder if there is enough die hard fan base for our two favorite poozers to keep a title a float more than a year. Sad to say, unless I do get one major new salary by May. I will have to put this on my trade paper back side. Since Brightest Day and the Thanos Imperaitve will be taking up my new pull list with Avengers.

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