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The Green Lantern Corps Cast Episode #101 – Overdesigned

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The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode 101 proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern!
Hot off an interview with Tony Bedard, join the gang this week for their “100th” episode as they discuss the final Movie prequel starring Sinestro and Justice League #1 that starred Green Lantern Hal Jordan! Listen as the guys give their thoughts on a new era from DC Comics. With Johns and Lee on JL, the group discusses comic book superstars and insanely popular characters through different eras. Also, find out who would change the Green Lantern costumes and hairstyles. Tune in for all that and so much more on this episode of CorpsCast!

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Hope for Justice

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Hope Burns Bright

He came in saying “All will be well. In March, Saint Walker will shed the light of hope on the Justice League of America starting in issue 55 as part of the new arc “The Rise of Eclipso” and will tie into “The Reign of Doomsday. The featured storyline pits Doomsday against the JLA as they interfere with his quest to find Cyborg-Superman, who has managed somehow to escape his fate at the hands of Alpha Lantern Boodikka back in Green Lantern Corps #52. Some have been wondering what kind of effect Walker would have with his Blue Lantern ring if there isn’t a Green Lantern near by. Well, that comes in the form of Justice League member, Jade. However, many may say that her power with the Starheart cannot help Saint Walker’s ring and unleashed the full power of the Blue Light of Hope on either Doomsday or Henshaw. Jade has the same Starheart energy manipulating powers as her father, Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern with the difference that her powers do not come from a ring or lantern, but are channeled through her body (specifically, the star shaped birthmark on her palm). As with all Green Lanterns, she can will green energy constructs to “life” and can use this energy in almost any way possible; the only limitation being her will, imagination and endurance. Of the many things she can do with her powers, the most common uses are shields from bodily harm, flight, flying unaided through space, great speed and, as said earlier, willing constructs to life of any shape and size. She is technically a mutant, having been born with her powers as well as green hued skin, dark green hair, green eyes and the aforementioned star shaped birthmark on her palm. Due to their shared mystical connection with the Starheart, with even the slightest focus, she can sense where either her twin brother or her father is anywhere on Earth at any time. For a time, Jade and her brother shared a telepathic connection, but it is not known at this time if they still do. One of the major distinctions between the Green Lanterns of Oa and herself (and her father) is that the emerald energy she wields is often manifested as green fire surrounding her. Secondly, while regular Green Lanterns have to charge their rings after a time, Jade has access to near unlimited stores of power and has no need to recharge. A third distinction between her and the Green Lantern’s power is that while they have a weakness to the color yellow (which now can be overcome with effort), she has the same vulnerability to wood that her father has (In that her power has no effect on anything made of wood).
With all that said, it won’t be very hard for Saint Walker to use the powers of his ring on Doomsday. All Blue Lanterns are armed with a blue power ring, fueled by the emotion hope. While hope is the most powerful of the seven emotions, Blue Lanterns must be near an active Green Lantern’s power ring to tap into their own rings’ full power. Otherwise, the rings are only capable of the default abilities of flight and a protective aura. This is a result of the fact that the power of hope is nothing without the willpower to enact it. Blue rings must be fueled by true hope in order to operate at their user’s command.


While under the influence of a nearby green power ring, Blue Lanterns can heal wounds. The ring’s power can be supplemented with the hope of other living beings. A blue ring can negatively impact the performance of rings on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum. It can neutralize the corruptive effects of red power rings, block the energy-stealing properties of orange rings (as well as nullify its side effects on the bearer of it), and drain the power of yellow power rings. Conversely, a blue ring can charge a green power ring to twice its maximum power level. This effect can also negatively impact a green ring, as close proximity to the Blue Central Power Battery will overcharge a green ring, causing it to implode (taking the user’s hand with it). Blue power rings manifest their constructs mainly by reading the target’s psyche, but can make constructs like the other corps. Blue rings can also grant precognitive visions to their wielders.
So, pretty much Saint Walker should be able to kick ass and take names with either Cyborg-Superman or Doomsday. However, what would the full power of the blue ring give to these two? For Henshaw, most likely that he will eventually die and rejoin his wife but what about Doomsday? We don’t know why he is back or why he wants to destroy the entire line of the Superman family or any one associated with it for good or bad. Which might mean, Saint Walker might egg Doomsday on to complete his task even more but what that is, won’t be revealed until the end of the “Rise of Eclipso” story arc.

The Green Lantern Corps Cast Episode #19

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode 19!

By Sinestro’s Whiskers! proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern! In this episode, the guys (and gal) discuss GL #61, GLC #55, GL/Plastic Man, REBELS #23, and The Larfleeze Christmas Special. Find out what we thought the war on ducks, the murder abuse victims, and our blood pact. Plus, find out who’s a fan of rape, who hates this month’s character development, and what kind of underwear Kuhan has. All that and a so much more on this episode of Corps Cast!

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The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode #3 w/ Dan Jurgens

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode #3 with Dan Jurgens! proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern. In this weeks episode the guys talk with legendary creator DAN JURGENS! In this episode we talk about Zero Hour, Continuity issues, DC Universe Legacies and West asks Dan how it feels to wake up knowing he ruled the 90s! All that and more on the latest episode of The Green Lantern Corps Cast!

And be sure to pick up Time Masters: Vanishing Point #2 on August 25th and DC Universe Legacies #7 on November 17th.

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The Green Lantern Corps Cast Episode #2 w/ Kirby Krackle!

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode #2! proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern. In this weeks episode the guys talk (nerd) rock band KIRBY KRACKLE! The age old question is answered: Hal or Kyle? Jim makes a smooth transition into a Superman vs Hulk scenario and Martian Manhunter’s chocos! The gang ends up being the interviewed somehow…Kirby Krackle makes their stand on respecting continuity vs bringing new readers in. The duo also talk about their convention schedule, the secret origin of playing with Joe Quesada and “The Villain Song”. Join the Facebook group to get the “Ring Capacity” single on GREEN LANTERN soundtrack/ending credits.

And be sure to pick up their Second album available now: E for Everyone

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Is Sodam Yat really that great?

That’s the question, do we really need Sodam Yat around. The who would be considered the greatest Green Lantern of all as told by the original prophecy of the Blackest Night from Alan Moore back in the 80s. As we all know, Sodam became the new host for Ion during the Sinestro Corps War and then went on to be imprisoned in the Daxam Sun when he used his powers to free his people from Mongul. While Geoff Johns, JT Krul and Peter Tomasi have revealed that Sodam will be a main focus for the “New Guardians” story line currently playing in the pages of the Green Lantern titles during Brightest Day. After all our new villain is collecting the various emotional entities of the Emotional Color Spectrum. Sodam is going to be a main target, not to mention the fact that the Daxamites play a part in the War of the Supermen going on right now. Plus, finally Yat will play a large role in the newly launched Legion of Super Heroes title with the formation of the 31st century Green Lantern Corps.
Is Sodam really this great to be getting so much focus. Well, yes and no. The good news is, he isn’t over exposed the way Superboy-Prime has been the last few years. He also got some wonderful character development during the last two years leading to Blackest Night and currently into Brightest Day. While the Will Power entity of Ion is important to the Green Lantern mythos. I do feel that Sodam is being forced down our throats a bit too much. I do like the role he is going to play in the pages of Legion of Super Heroes (even if he needs a new haircut). I just feel that once Sodam is freed from his planet’s sun, we’re pretty much stuck with him being the host for Ion for like… forever. This makes sense since that’s why he is still alive over in the page of Legion.
I think what’s really been rubbed the wrong way with Sodam is that he was supposed to play this important role in Blackest Night but instead he was more of a story catalyst for War of Supermen and Brightest Day. I do love the way Peter Tomasi got the character from being a cardboard cut out who can’t use the powers of a giant green space whale. To being a much more rounded character with a lot of pain and grief on his shoulders thanks to his people. Even worse that he gave them super powers by turning their sun yellow so they could fight back against Mongul and the remnants of the SInestro Corps. However, he has to play the clean up man once he is free from the planet’s sun. Even worse, his lead poisoning has majorly progressed before he became stuck in the star. Plus, I find it so stupid that something as powerful as Ion can’t reverse the lead poisoning the same way Mon-el got the treatment in the pages of Superman and Legion of Super Heroes. Or at least have the lead poisoning put down to like 1% and means he has to keep the ring on forever so that it doesn’t kill him and Ion leaves him for the time being. Only to be reunited at a later date to set up Legion of Super Heroes continuity.
That in my opinion would make Sodam Yat worth it.

War of the Superman: 100 Minute War = 1 month only

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  As revealed on the DCU Source Blog, the War of the Supermen, that kicks off with Free Comic Book Day in May. Will only be a one month event. Each issue totaling 25 minutes for the 4 part even series. Personally, I love the fact that they are doing it. Let’s face it, World of New Krypton was a 2 year story arc, from build up to Brainiac’s Return attack and Superman battling it out with his family and people. However, as it has been shown the last couple of years with both DC and Marvel. Long drawn out events especially after just wrapping up ones like Blackest Night and Seige. People just aren’t ready to shove out more from their wallets for the next “Big Event”. Having this being contain in a month and then dealing with the aftermath over the summer in the Superman books is a very smart move on DC’s part. I hope we can look forward to more of this treatment with Batman’s return this fall.