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The Guardians just don’t get it

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The Guardians of the Universe are a race of immensely powerful blue immortals living on Oa, the planet at the center of the universe, who founded and run the Green Lantern Corps.
An immortal race as ancient as life itself, the benevolent Guardians of the Universe desire a peaceful, orderly existence for all living beings, as well the pursuit of their own enigmatic agendas. They never allow emotions to infect their thoughts and actions because after all “emotions bad!” Well, you would think after the War of Light, where the Guardians return to their Citadel, and realise they could never have stopped the War of Light, watching it blaze across the universe. They decide to prepare for it, and are about to execute a Code Zero, when on Ryut, the Black Lantern Central Power Battery spews out billions of black rings. Scar reveals herself at last, seizing one of her fellow Guardians and viciously killing him. Using her powers of the Black, she immobilises the other Guardians before they can act, and reveals that she’s been dead since the Anti-Monitor touched her. She teleports them to Ryut, and shackles them to the Black Battery, telling them that she is only fulfilling their ancient promise to bring order to the universe, and forcing them into a sleep.
Upon the Battery coming to 100% power, she warps it, herself, and the Guardians to earth, where Black Hand summons Nekron to rise.
Several attempts are made by the Flash, Ganthet and Sayd, the New Guardians, and other heroes to free the Guardians from their imprisonment, but all are unsuccessful. Nekron murders one of them, Black Hand using his gutted innards to summon the Life Entity, which Ganthet explains is the origin of all life. He also explains that the Guardians, upon finding it, realised life first began on earth, despite the Guardians being the first sentient beings, and that they hid the Entity, and the earth, so as to protect the Entity from exploitation. There would be a more focus on maybe starting to ‘feel’ after everything happened in the Blackest Night but noooooo! Back when the scientist known as Krona broke their highest law by constructing a machine capable of looking back into the dawn of creation. Krona had been repeatedly admonished against this heresy but had ignored all warnings in his desire for knowledge and power.
As a result of his arrogant disobedience, Krona unleashed an explosion of anti-matter which wiped out billions of years of time and created evil throughout the universe. Krona’s rash act further resulted in the creation of the Anti-Matter universe and the Multiverse, the fracturing of time resulting in countless alternate dimensions. Feeling responsible for their brother’s actions, the Maltusians banished Krona, turning the madman into a being of pure energy sent on a wandering course throughout the cosmos. More seriously, the Maltusians knew that, as it had in the past, the universe would one day contract upon itself to be reborn by a new “big bang”. Due to the anti-matter unleashed by Krona, the universe was deprived of sufficient matter necessary to ignite a new “big bang”. As a result of the actions of one of their own, the universe and all existence would one day simply die out, never to be reborn.

The Maltusians decided to dedicate their species to policing the universe. By keeping evil and chaos in check they calculated that they would be able to preserve a sufficient amount of the existing universe to ignite the next “big bang”. Through order and conservation the universe would be saved from extinction. Calling themselves the Guardians of the Universe, a group of Maltusians left Maltus and settled on the planet Oa, located at the center of the universe. The Guardians believed that emotion had clouded Krona’s mind and was at the root of his evil. Emotion, they reasoned, was a fatal flaw of lesser creatures that lacked the vision and foresight of immortals such as the Guardians. While a creature with a lifespan measured in years could afford to act on concepts of love, honor, and duty, the Guardians must measure their actions against the fate of an entire universe over billions of years. Emotion was therefore a luxury they could not tolerate and, if they were to successfully steward the universe, the Guardians would need to forgo emotion all together. Now with Krona collecting all of the Emotional Entities for an unknown purpose. The first act of Krona’s plan occurs with his abduction of the fear entity Parallax during the finale of Blackest Night, imprisoning the creature within the confines of an ancient temple marked with the symbols of the Emotional Spectrum.


Krona then proceeds to remove Ion from Sodam Yat, effectively turning Daxam’s sun from yellow back to red and killing hundreds of Daxamites in the process. Over the course of the story arc, Krona is shown working with Hank Henshaw, telling him that enslaving and altering the qualities of the Alpha Lanterns will restore his mortality and also lead to the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps. In addition, he is shown working with the telepathic Zardor in his plot to brainwash rookie members of the Green Lantern Corps for his own purposes.
Krona later appears on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States — with an obedient Parallax in tow — to Hal Jordan, Nicole Morrison, Larfleeze, Saint Walker and the Indigo Tribe, seeking to obtain both Adara and Proselyte for his entity collection. When confronting Jordan and the others, Krona reveals that, prior to his banishment by the Guardians, he was the caretaker responsible for protecting the entities, and that is why he can control them and the abilities they possess. Now the Guardians have once again seen the use of emotions to be far too dangerous to be left unchecked and now they are seeking to get rid of GLC members such as Hal Jordan and putting the other corps at such a far distance to keep Krona from winning, they once again set themselves up for war.
What is it going to take for the Guardians to just let people ‘feel’ and they can just let things play out naturally but since they feel having emotions causes too much strife and in their long lives has shown that there is no order or protection with the 7 emotions out there for Krona to manipulate all the other corps with, they just want to kick out those who are causing trouble instead of sitting down and talking with them. Yep, nothing good is coming to come out of this. Great job Guardians, remind us why you are in charge again? You seem to cause all these problems instead of help.


The Green Lantern Corps Cast Episode #19

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast Episode 19!

By Sinestro’s Whiskers! proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern! In this episode, the guys (and gal) discuss GL #61, GLC #55, GL/Plastic Man, REBELS #23, and The Larfleeze Christmas Special. Find out what we thought the war on ducks, the murder abuse victims, and our blood pact. Plus, find out who’s a fan of rape, who hates this month’s character development, and what kind of underwear Kuhan has. All that and a so much more on this episode of Corps Cast!

Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and The Roy Clark Method (

Ring After Effects

Since Blackest Night ended and Brightest Day began, we’ve been shown that the exposure to the different power rings has been having side effects to various characters. So, to have a little fun today before the July 4th weekend, I thought I would take note of a few.

Red Lantern Power Ring
While we’ve seen Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and Mera affected deeply by the red power ring due to their inner rage, it’s the aftermath of the rings that have affected regular users of the Power of Rage. Thanks to both Hal and Guy’s will power, they were able to bend the red light to make constructs. Something, none of the other Red Lanterns, including Atrocitus were able to do until now. Atrocitus now can create anything he wills his rage into. From weapons to various constructs, which are fueled by his hatred. Even Dex-starr and Bleeze are being shown to now be able to do more with their rings than just spewing acid blood on everything.
One final note, the Red Power Rings has shown that they attach to their users after they have suffered some great lost. With Laira, it was losing her title as a Green Lantern. For Hal Jordan it was after Sinestro killed Laira in front of him, Guy when Kyle was almost killed by the Black Lanterns. Dex-starr after his owner was killed by a break in and then Bleeze after her betroth was killed in front of her. Finally for Mera watching all those she loved being twisted into Black Lanterns. It makes sense since at that moment, their hatred is pure and at the beginnings of forming, hence they are the perfect target for the rings.

Orange Lantern Power Rings
Now with Avarice, we’ve seen how Ophidiate’s power has on all its users or those that taste its power. We’ve already seen Larfleeze’s problems but with Lex Luthor, he gained an insight on how all the various power rings work and how much he wants to have that power for himself. Being effected by the Orange Light causes a user to be like an addict going through withdrawal. Even Hal Jordan explained that he felt a bit of wanting the light again but being effected by Parallax drove it out of him all the way. Now with Sayd being the Orange Lantern Guardian, she has also started feeling the effects of the light, even though she is more of Larfleeze’s royal visor than controlling or bending the light.

Black and White Lantern Power Rings
As it’s been shown with the resurrected heroes and villains that the two ring exposures have had strange effects on them; Captain Boomerang is now able to form boomerang constructs out of dark matter in times of distress. Osiris is torn between following his dark ambitions with Deathstorke or casting it all off to be a White Lantern. Hal Jordan and Sinestro are still connected to the Entity and have a view on life and the various Emotional Spectrum beings. Professor Zoom was able to channel the Negative Speed force thanks to be connected to both lights. Aquaman and Firestorm’s powers are out of wack between the living and the dead. Hawkman and Hawkgirl not only are restored to their former selves and memories but can also recall their full history from beginning to end.

We haven’t really seen any negative effects of the Green, Yellow, Violet, Blue or Indigo rings. At least as of yet, time will tell if there are any full effects from being a former user. At least as dramatic as the other rings have done to their former users.

Is Sodam Yat really that great?

That’s the question, do we really need Sodam Yat around. The who would be considered the greatest Green Lantern of all as told by the original prophecy of the Blackest Night from Alan Moore back in the 80s. As we all know, Sodam became the new host for Ion during the Sinestro Corps War and then went on to be imprisoned in the Daxam Sun when he used his powers to free his people from Mongul. While Geoff Johns, JT Krul and Peter Tomasi have revealed that Sodam will be a main focus for the “New Guardians” story line currently playing in the pages of the Green Lantern titles during Brightest Day. After all our new villain is collecting the various emotional entities of the Emotional Color Spectrum. Sodam is going to be a main target, not to mention the fact that the Daxamites play a part in the War of the Supermen going on right now. Plus, finally Yat will play a large role in the newly launched Legion of Super Heroes title with the formation of the 31st century Green Lantern Corps.
Is Sodam really this great to be getting so much focus. Well, yes and no. The good news is, he isn’t over exposed the way Superboy-Prime has been the last few years. He also got some wonderful character development during the last two years leading to Blackest Night and currently into Brightest Day. While the Will Power entity of Ion is important to the Green Lantern mythos. I do feel that Sodam is being forced down our throats a bit too much. I do like the role he is going to play in the pages of Legion of Super Heroes (even if he needs a new haircut). I just feel that once Sodam is freed from his planet’s sun, we’re pretty much stuck with him being the host for Ion for like… forever. This makes sense since that’s why he is still alive over in the page of Legion.
I think what’s really been rubbed the wrong way with Sodam is that he was supposed to play this important role in Blackest Night but instead he was more of a story catalyst for War of Supermen and Brightest Day. I do love the way Peter Tomasi got the character from being a cardboard cut out who can’t use the powers of a giant green space whale. To being a much more rounded character with a lot of pain and grief on his shoulders thanks to his people. Even worse that he gave them super powers by turning their sun yellow so they could fight back against Mongul and the remnants of the SInestro Corps. However, he has to play the clean up man once he is free from the planet’s sun. Even worse, his lead poisoning has majorly progressed before he became stuck in the star. Plus, I find it so stupid that something as powerful as Ion can’t reverse the lead poisoning the same way Mon-el got the treatment in the pages of Superman and Legion of Super Heroes. Or at least have the lead poisoning put down to like 1% and means he has to keep the ring on forever so that it doesn’t kill him and Ion leaves him for the time being. Only to be reunited at a later date to set up Legion of Super Heroes continuity.
That in my opinion would make Sodam Yat worth it.

Blackest Night #7 Review

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The Corps Leaders and New Guardians battle against Nekron but their combined powers are unable to stop him. Scarecrow attacks Black Hand with a yellow pitch fork and is winning. Just as he yells, “This is my moment,” Luthor’s eyes glow orange and he says “No, it’s mine.” Luthor becomes overwhelmed by the Orange power and tries to steal everyone else’s rings. Above Earth, John Stewart is trying to stop the horde of Black Lanterns when the combined Six Corps arrive to join together and battle the Black Lanterns. In Coast City, Dove tries to get at the Black Lantern Battery but is forced back as a being from within the battery tries to get out. Nekron slices the throat of a Guardian and Black Hand uses his blood to form a symbol on the ground. Nekron then says “Trespasser. Rise” and a massive coccoon rises from the ground, holding a figure in white. 

Ganthet reveals that this is the Entity, the living light bestowed upon the universe that triggered existence itself. He then reveals the truth Nekron has hinted at: That life in the universe did not begin on Maltus (the original homeworld of the Guardians), but on Earth–the Guardians hiding it to both protect the Entity and justify their authority. Nekron stabs at the Entity, which causes every living being in the universe to react in pain. Outraged at the Guardians’ lies that cost Abin Sur his life, Sinestro stabs Ganthet with his ring. Hal realizes the Entity is like Parallax and Ion, a living power that needs a “pilot” to guide it into battle. He flies toward it only to be stopped by Sinestro, who claims this is his duty, and that Jordan had his chance with Parallax. Sinestro flies into the Entity demanding its power, and emerges as a figure all in white saying that he will be the greatest Lantern of all as the Entity speaks: “Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. Destiny awaits”.

  I read this book about eight times as I traveled by plane to my honeymoon in Hawaii. I have to say, I was both happy, a bit shocked and a little let down by a few things. First of all, we knew that Luthor was going to subcome to the Orange Light before this story was over and going after Scarecrow. That was a bit of a let down, let Crane have his moments. He freaking stabbed Black Hand threw and went after Nekron on his own. If that doesn’t show the guy is cut out to be a full time member of the Sinestro Corps, I don’t know what is. The most shocking part was Sinestro becoming the White Lantern. I like many others saw Hal Jordan flying towards the White Entity and becoming the first but instead it goes to Sinestro. I actually looked over issues of Green Lantern during and after the Sinestro Corps war. The truth is, we never saw Sinestro becoming a Green Lantern again, we just saw him from the neck up in what looked like his old GL suit with a drink next to him. So, him becoming the White Lantern has been set up since day one. Having Dove being the catalyst to free the Anti-monitor from the Black Lantern Central Power Battery was also a nice touch. I’m looking forward to the last three parts of Blackest Night over the next few weeks. Should be fun.

Blackest Night #6 Review

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Blackest Night 
In Coast City, the Black Lantern Batman has dissolved into a pool of black blood in the shape of a bat. The various lantern corps leaders are trying to figure out how the Black Lantern Power rings were able to turn the living into Black Lanterns. Hal Jordan explains: “Not the living. The resurrected.” Soon, a black ring blasts through his force field as Barry Allen tries to out run the ring pursuing him. While the various Black Lanterns like Superman and Green Arrow tell Hal that he needs to come back, that there isn’t anything left but the black. While Nekron leaves with his horde of Black Lanterns with the Guardians of the Universe in tow. The other lanterns try to blast back the Black Lantern Superman but Hal won’t use his ring to destroy his ring, since Superman really isn’t dead. Sinestro yells at him that no matter what he thinks, he will soon be dead and they won’t have stopped the Black Central Power Battery. Meanwhile, Bart Allen attacks Barry before Wally West shows up and rescues his uncle. 
   The Flash then tells Hal to throw him a line and to hang on. Barry runs as fast as he can and without the Cosmic Treadmill, he can only guess at time travel. Hal is a bit confused but the two soon disappear and then reappear two seconds in the future. Causing the black rings following them to loose their connection. Barry then explains that how the Black Lantern power rings work is that a person has to be emotionally connected to a Black Lantern for them to latch on the victims. However, they are both confused why Batman self-destructed after Nekron told him too. Hal also wonders that if they do stop Nekron, will they die and will all their other friends too? Barry hopes not. Deep inside one of the power rings, the Black Lantern Jean Loring tells her husband the Atom that despite everything that has happened. He feels nothing but pity but Boston Brand soon possesses her. He quickly warns them that all the Black Lanterns in the universe are heading to Earth and allows them enough time for the Atom to re-enlarge himself and Mera and escape. They emerge through Wonder Woman’s ring and Mera locks arms with Wonder Woman while John Stewart above Earth warns them all the Black Lanterns have arrived. 
  While Sinestro and Indigo-1 fight off the various Black Lanterns with their allies, Ganthet tells them that they need all the Lantern Corps to help them destroy the Black Central Power Battery. In doing so, he activates Hal Jordan’s copy feature on his ring and the others since their rings are all designed the same. He then places a Green Lantern power ring on his finger and rejoins the GLC. Soon, other lantern rings fly from their users and scan for others. The Blue Lantern ring finds Barry Allen while Larfleeze yells that his ring is his and his alone. Deep in Metropolis, Lex Luthor is attacked by all the people he has killed over the years, including his own father. The Orange Lantern power ring flies onto his finger. While over in Gotham City, the Scarecrow continues to torture people with his fear gas hoping that it will bring Batman to him so he can feel some kind of emotion. The yellow power ring finds him, while the indigo power ring finds the Atom and the red finds Mera. The Star Sapphire ring orbits around Wonder Woman, which causes Carol Ferris to feel the white light in Wonder Woman and that she is fighting back the black. Soon, Wonder Woman accepts the violet ring and she is transformed into a Star Sapphire and returned to normal. Barry soon joins them with the newest members of the corps saying: “All will be well.” 
   There we have folks, what a freaking fantastic issue! A lot of us fan boys got our wish with who became Lanterns. Barry Allen in Blue, Lex in Orange and the Scarecrow in Yellow. This issue was great; Geoff Johns really kicked this entire story up. However, the real winner goes to Ivan Reis, his artwork is just top notch. It’s just perfect for this kind of story and that last splash page was perfect!


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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

By Alex Segura

What would drive a Lantern to abandon the ways of willpower for pure rage? We’re not sure, but we’re curious to find out. So, we asked GREEN LANTERN CORPS Editor Adam Schlagman to give us some info. And he was kind enough to throw in some art. So, take it away, Adam:

What could turn the most bad ass Green Lantern into a crimson spewing red one? Find out in Green Lantern Corps #42 (on-sale November 11th) as Guy Gardner experiences a tragedy so utterly terrible that he loses complete control in Green Lantern Corps #43 (December on-sale) leading to his selection by a red ring of rage. Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner!
In the meantime, wet your appetite with this awesome design by Green Lantern Corps artist Pat Gleason then pick up Green Lantern Corps #42 on Wednesday to witness the shocking ending that only writer Peter J. Tomasi could tell.

Green Lantern #45 Review

Love Hurts

In Sector 1313 a swarm of Black Lantern power rings swarm around Green Lantern, John Stewart. As he calls for back up, the Black Lantern, Pariah appears and tells him that: “worlds have died and worlds will rise.” Soon, the ruins of Xanshi are brought back together as a giant Black Lantern planet. Over on Zamaron, the home of the Star Sapphire Corps, Sinestro leads his various corpsmen in freeing their other members from the Star Sapphires. Carol Ferris struggles with fighting Terik as Queen Aga’po reveals that Carol has developed a immunity towards the Star Sapphire. That she is able to use it’s power without being completely consumed by it like she had in the past. Aga’po then says that Carol will be perfect to be the host for the Violet entity, the Predator. Meanwhile, as Kryb is set free Sinestro appears before Carol saying that she is a long way from home and continues to free his fellow corpsmen. The two begin fighting as the various Sinestro Corps members leave the planet. The two are evenly matched as Sinestro tells Carol that she should not be here and that she is a slave to her so called: “love.” That once again, she is doing it for Hal Jordan when he won’t ever repay her. Carol reveals that she chose to rejoin the Star Sapphires to help him and not to get anything else out of it. She then goes on to say that even he has “love” in his heart and then incases Sinestro in crystal. Meanwhile, back on Ysmault, the Lost Green Lanterns fight against the Red Lanterns. As Boodikka starts killing off members of the Red Lanterns. In an effort to restrain her, Atrocitus attacks them but they are soon interrupted by Black Lantern power rings that bring the various fallen Red Lanterns, members of the Five Inversions and finally Laira back to life as Black Lanterns.

Back on Zamaron, Sinestro ends up confronting that which he would choose to forget. It is revealed that years ago when Sinestro was Abin Sur’s student. They were constantly in battle with the Manhunters and Five Inversions. When they returned to Abin’s home, Sinestro met and fell in love with Abin’s sister, Arin. Who would go on to be the mother of Sinestro’s daughter and current Green Lantern, Soranik Natu. However, Sinestro also relieves Arin’s death and in doing so breaks free from the violet crystal and attacks Carol with full force. That he has wasted enough time and just take care of the civil war that has broken out in his corps thanks to Mongul. However, they don’t have much time when the various Sinestro Corps members that have fallen since the Sinestro Corps War return as Black Lanterns both on Zamaron and on Qward along with the Weaponers that were killed. Over on Odym, Black Lantern power rings swarm the planet waiting for someone to die as the Blue Lantern Corps struggles with the Orange Lantern Corps. Larfleeze over on Okaara watches from afar as his corps starts to free the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery. However, he is soon visited by various Black Lantern power rings that bring back all the people he has killed as Black Lanterns. Finally, within the pages of the Book of Black, Lyssa Drak watches as the stories unfold in front of her, as she calls out for Sinestro to save her. Scar, the Black Lantern Guardian tells her master that the rings have infested the various corps home worlds but the Indigo Tribe. She says that soon they will also be brought into the War of Light and the Indigo Light will be theirs. End of issue.

Great chapter for Blackest Night, while Sinestro and Carol take center stage. Larfleeze is about to receive a little payback and yes, Doug Mahnke draws a very creep Kryb and I can’t wait to see what Geoff Johns has in store with the Indigo Tribe.

Know your Corps: Black Lantern Corps

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The time has come, the quick look at the Black Lantern Corps. Lead by Black Hand and Scar, the Black Lanterns are ready to extinguish life across the universe. With some many dead heroes and villains a like. The corps so far consists of: Alex Luthor,
Al Pratt, Arthur Curry, Black Condor, Bzzd, Ch’p, Deadman, Dr. Light, Extant, Fentara, Firestorm, Galius Zed, George Harkness
Jack Drake, Jack T. Chance, Jade, Jean Loringo, John Grayson, Kal-L, Katma Tui, Ke’haan, Martian Manhunter, Mary Grayson
Maxwell Lord, Pantha, Psycho-Pirate, Question, Robert Long, Roy Lincoln, Solomon Grundy, Ted Kord, Terra, Tula, Wesley Dodds, Wildebeest, Lairia and many, many more. It’s going to be a fight for life for sure.

Know your Corps: Indigo Tribe

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Not much of a corps than more of a movement. We know pretty much zero about the Indigo Tribe. Except for their leader, Idigo and that #1 and Tales of the Corps in July. There is large speculation of why Geoff Johns calls the Indigo Tribe: “Their not what you think.” Most likely, they are like the Peace Keepers from Farscape. Get their sense of peace through the end of a gun or in this case, a staff and ring.

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